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What Old School Show To Watch Based On Your Zodiac

What Old School Show To Watch Based On Your Zodiac

What Old School Show To Watch Based On Your Zodiac

Looking for an old school show to watch but not sure which one to choose? Here’s a list of binge-worthy shows to watch based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Skins

This show is a mix of basically every popular teenage soap opera and is super melodramatic. The characters are also stubborn in their ways and don’t change course, no matter the circumstances. Sound familiar?

Taurus: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tauruses are tough, sassy and stubborn, just like Buffy, the main character of this ’90s classic.  Throw in some badass fighting with vampires and the love of a wholesome group of friends? Completely something that Tauruses would love! Plus, who can go wrong with a few hot guys (yes, we’re talking about Angel)?


Gemini: Twin Peaks

Geminis love a good bit of drama. Plus the duality and creative elements of this show are definitely right up their alley. You never really know what you’re going to get while watching this show, which is perfect for Geminis!

Cancer: Friends

Cancers are all about friends and family, and what better show to watch than one literally about both? Plus, the show tackles some pretty heavy emotional topics that friends can go through when growing into (actual) adulthood, which is important!

Leo: Glee

Typically obsessed with being the center of attention, Leos are perfect for watching Glee. They love the drama (both literally and figuratively) and good performances, which is what this show is all about. Plus, the humor in the show will definitely capture Leo’s interest!


Virgo: Lost

Virgos are always trying to figure out mysteries and solve problems, and have the most analytical minds of the zodiac. All of this would definitely help if you were stranded on an island full of strangers and crazy things going on, just saying!

Libra: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Libras are all about being the center of attention. They love to go all out no matter the occasion, exactly like Will Smith’s character in this classic. The show is also all about focusing on who you truly care about, which is important to Libras.

Scorpio: Charmed

Scorpios are brave, independent and passionate, but also really rely on those around them (which is a great thing). All of this is similar to this show, which follows sisters who happen to be witches… and are total, absolute badasses!

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Sagittarius: So Weird

Your wanderlust and adventurous nature are perfect for this Disney classic! This show never stayed in the same place more than once as it followed the main character’s family around on a tour bus. Plus, adding in the paranormal part of the show will definitely spark a Sagittarius’ interest.

Capricorn: Sex and the City

Capricorns are the hard workers of the zodiac, just like Carrie Bradshaw. Capricorns would do anything to get what they want, no matter what part of their life they’re focusing on at the moment: career, love, popularity… Capricorns want it all. Which is exactly what this show is about!


Aquarius: X-Files

Nothing says Aquariuses like conspiracy theories and aliens, and this show is chock-full of both. You’re definite believers, and you’re closed off to a lot of people, just like both the main characters. Just be careful not to look too closely into the American Government’s alien conspiracies… or you might end up a little messed up!

Pisces: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

As a Pisces, you’re a dreamer, and your imagination is really quickly triggered by, well, literally anything. The wild antics that the characters in this show get up to is both hilarious and creative, which you’ll really appreciate. Plus, the show is all about family!

What do you think of your old school show? Have you watched any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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