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What Not To Wear When You’re Rushing A Sorority

What Not To Wear When You’re Rushing A Sorority

If your thinking of rushing a sorority, but aren’t sure what to wear, don’t worry! This guide will help prepare you for all the fashion dos and donts. We understand you’ve never been a part of greek life, and you don’t want to look out of place. We want you to become a style icon and in order to do so, stay tuned for all the tips!

1. Sweatpants 

Duh, don’t wear sweatpants. But seriously, not trying to be harsh here! If you are going to wear sweatpants, there are ways to conceal them. Tj Maxx offers a great selection of cute pants that are meant for lounging, without the obvious appearance. It’s probably ok to wear cute lounge pants with nikes and a light utility jacket, just don’t wear pajamas, basically. I’m sure what you choose will be greek approved!


2. Nothing Bodycon 

Bodycon skirts and dresses are meant for events. So set them aside, and try and avoid wearing any tight or form-fitting attire for rush week! While of course, these styles are cute, it just isn’t right given the type of events that are held for greek life. Not to mention, you may come off a little strong by doing so. Just a helpful tip and rule of thumb for when you are going to greek life-related events, try and dress similar to how you would for class, and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

3. Uggs 

Ah, Uggs. Let’s face it, we left those in 2012, hopefully for good. Don’t get me wrong, I still own my Ugg slippers from seventh grade, and I love them, so Uggs aren’t totally out of the question… just for the rush week they are! When rushing a sorority, it can be hard to judge what is acceptable to wear and what isn’t. We get it, and everyone is in the same boat. Push your fears aside, and dress comfortably! Don’t overthink it! 


4. Easy With The Belly 

Belly shirts and crop tops are cute, flirty, and in style. However, in this case, know your audience. You want to come off as well represented as you can, and that’s why we should save the crop tops for college night, date night, or any summer night! Crop tops are always in style, yes, but set them aside for certain events that encourage that type of clothing. Not to mention, this will be pretty easy to follow since many rush weeks during the spring semester are in either January or February, so you probably won’t be reaching for a crop top anyway!


5. Heels 

I mean, come on… who would wear heels? But seriously, heels are super cute, but leave them for bars. When rushing a sorority, you want to sort of blend in, and high heels won’t exactly have that impact. I mean, you do you, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Also, there is always walking and standing for who knows how long, and your feet will be killing you come to the end of the night. Dress comfortably! 

6. Mini Skirt 

When rushing a sorority, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Have you ever made a quick judgment based on someone’s appearance? Unfortunately, many of us do, and there is so many fashion do’s and donts that lead us to think that way. Why risk it? One thing is for sure, leave the mini skirts for the bar, the beach, and your boyfriend. No booty’s showin’ at this rush week! 


7. Spandex 

Of course, it is fine to wear spandex at the gym, while going for a run, or playing a sport. Spandex short shorts are a big no-no for rush week. This may sound obvious, but leave them behind, or for the tennis match! So many spandex shorts are coming back as a part of an everyday outfit. I say they are fine, but your potential new sisters may think otherwise. The main problem with spandex is just how tight and form-fitting they are. Other than that they are a cute addition to almost any outfit!

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8. Khakis 

Okay, okay, this may be an obvious known rule. But try to avoid dress pants, or any type of business casual outfits unless instructed. I know when rushing a sorority there are so many questions flipping through your mind, wondering what’s ok and what isn’t. Don’t be so hard on yourself, this guide is here to help! Besides, dress pants and khakis can be super cute with the right situation. Leave them for job interviews and work situations!


9. Neon 

Neon and bright colors are fun, but not for rush week. When I see neon colors I always think of dances, events, or party scenes ’80s themed. Colors like neon lime green, bright coral neon pink, or neon yellow should be avoided. Perfectly trendy, just set them aside for a different night! Rush weeks are also supposed to introduce you to your potential sisters. If you are overdressed, or out of place, you will draw some unwanted attention to yourself, and we don’t want that! I know it is easier said than done, but don’t stress. You got this girl!

10. Work Boots 

Timberland boots for both women and men, or commonly referred to as work boots, have a cute edgy look for women in the shade pink but leave ’em behind for this week’s rush event. The trick to rush week is to not look too eager, out of place, or anything like that. I know, we may be scaring you before your greek life even starts. Just relax, and I’m sure anything you pick out will be fine! Aim toward Doc Marten style boots, combat boots, or trendy motorcycle boots to achieve the best look. 


Now that you are ready to begin your rush week… comment below what you plan to wear! Good luck, and remember to be yourself! Thank you so much for reading and I hope my article was helpful! 

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