What Not To Wear When Meeting His Parents

Meeting the parents is something most people aren’t looking forward to in the relationship, cause lets face it, it’s pretty terrifying. You only get once chance to make a first impression and it has to be perfect. This is where all the stress comes from. It can be pretty tricky trying to figure out what to wear to meet his parents. Do I go casual or do I go all out? Should I come with a full face of make-up or not at all? Well, I’m not here to tell you what you should wear, but I can give you help on what not to wear when meeting his parents.

1. Anything Low Cut

No matter how amazing your cleavage is, you don’t want to show it off to his parents. Especially his mama! Not sure if something is too low cut? Don’t wear it. If there’s even a doubt in your mind, put it back in the closet. You don’t wanna be at the dinner table and catch grandpa trying to get a glimpse down your top.


2. The Heels You Can’t Walk In

Yes, ladies I know, we all have that one pair of shoes that are to die for but we know we don’t last an hour in. You don’t wanna be wobbling around the whole time and have the feeling of pain all over your face. Be mindful of where he’s taking you to meet the parents. A family reunion that’s mostly likely gonna be outside? Not the place for these heels. Trust me, your boyfriend’s parent won’t think twice about the fact that you didn’t wear heels.


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3. Leggings

I sincerely apologize. I know I just broke your heart, but bear with me. Let’s be real with ourselves for a moment ladies. Leggings are not pants, as much as we want to believe it, we just need to accept the facts.  Leggings are for running late to class or getting your nails done in the morning. For one day, pick the jeans over the leggings. Everything will be back to normal the next day.


4. Anything Too Formal

You are not going to the meet the president you are not going to the ball, you are just going to meet the parents. You don’t wanna come looking too flashy or over the top. Remember, keep in mind where he is taking you. Do you have that friend that always comes super dressed up for the kickback? Don’t be that friend.


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5. Heavy Makeup

Now let me say this, I am not saying to come without makeup on. I’m saying don’t over do it. Don’t put on so much of a face that you don’t look like yourself. You want the family to see you, the real you.

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