What Not To Wear To An Interview

You have just landed an interview and now you have to decide what you are going to wear. It is important that you wear the best outfit for the position because you want to make a lasting first impression. Keeping it classy and professional is key. We have listed what not to wear to an interview below!

Yoga Pants

Ladies, leave your yoga pants for the gym. Lounge wear is definitely not suitable for an interview because it can cast an image of laziness and lack of motivation. This is the last thing you want your potential employer thinking about you right off the bat.

Instead, opt for a nice pair of trousers or dress pants.

Yoga pants are definitely what not to wear to an interview!

Too Much Jewelry

Keep it minimal.  Excessive jewelry takes the attention off your face and definitely is what not to wear to an interview. I recommend wearing a watch, simple bracelet, and simple necklace if you want to have some accessories.

Excessive jewelry is definitely what not to wear to an interview!

Ripped Jeans

You know those jeans that show almost the entire length of your leg because there are gaping holes?  Not appropriate for the interview setting.  In general, it is a bad idea to show too much skin.  Interview outfits should stay on the conservative side in order to make the best impression.  If you really insist on wearing jeans, opt for a pair of non-ripped boot-cuts that can work with a pair of heels.

Ripped jeans are definitely what not to wear to an interview!

Mini Skirts & Dresses

Again, avoid showing too much skin with your outfit of choice.  Dresses and skirts should hit just below the knee or even a little bit longer.  Tights are often a good option for cooler weather.  Looser fits are also better because they will not cling to your body.  If it’s windy, dress accordingly.

Mini skirts and dresses are definitely what not to wear to an interview!T-Shirts

Your interviewer does not care about your favorite band.  T-shirts with funny inappropriate phrases or images on them are extremely unprofessional and the person conducting the interview will not take you seriously at all. Keep it classy.

Instead, opt for a tie-neck blouse. They’re comfy, breathable and super trendy.

Graphic t-shirts are definitely what not to wear to an interview!

Do you have any other ideas on what not to wear to an interview? Share in the comments below!

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