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What Not To Wear To A Family Dinner

What Not To Wear To A Family Dinner

What Not To Wear To A Family Dinner

Getting almost halfway through summer, it is almost time for a series of family holidays and dinners. There are already plenty of things to be concerned about as you approach a family dinner, don’t make the selection of your clothing an additional concern.

Family time is fun time with some of the closest people in your life. However, it can get very tricky to pick a suitable outfit for your family dinner. While there is almost anything you may wear to dinner with your family, here are a few that you might want to avoid wearing.


Any outfit with fringe on it sure does look more attractive and stylish, however, isn’t a great pick to wear to family dinner, or any dinner for that matter.

This fall fashion trend isn’t meant to be worn on the dining table with the fringe of your jacket getting soaked in the gravy as you reach out to grab something on the table. Neither do you want any of your relative’s kids to be hanging on your fringe, using it as their toy for the night.

What not to wear to a family dinner


There are only so many times you get a well-cooked, home-made meal. Don’t let it go to waste by wearing a pair of jeans for dinner, unless it has a flexible elastic on its waist, giving you room to eat all you want before you hit your daily bread omelette during your workdays.

A Graphic T-Shirt 

Family get-togethers are fun, when everyone comes together, picking a target and mocking them for the rest of the night. If you want to avoid being the target, avoid a graphic t-shirt.

Your family sure will pick on anything written on your t-shirt leading the conversation into directions you would have never imagined about. Stay away from the mess, avoid wearing a graphic shirt to your family dinner.

What not to wear to a family dinner

That Bag You Spent Last Month’s Rent On

You sure love that super expensive bag you just bought last weekend, but it may not be the right place to flaunt your bag at a family dinner, unless you are ready to listen to just how much money you have wasted, dating back to when you were born, to getting a bag that will not even fit in the leftovers.

Don’t let your beautiful bag get negative attention. Let it stay home as you replace it with a regular looking purse for the night.

Head-To-Toe Black

This may be your only favourite and a comfortable pick. However, your family would probably already be ready with a list of therapists you may pick from to talk about your life. Avoid catalyzing the situation with an all-black outfit, wear some colour.

What not to wear to a family dinner

A Crop Top

A crop top just wouldn’t go well at a dinner table. Even though crop tops may be your love, and your wardrobe full of a variety of them. You may want to pass on them for the night. Especially when you have home-made cookies especially made by your grandmother.

Heels That Could Double As Weapons

Wearing footwear with heels more than four inches could make your relatives nervous. These types of shoes are meant for parties at bars and clubs.

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They sure can add a charm to any outfit, however, you must make sure where you are going and who you are going with before spicing up your look with a pair of pencil heels.

What not to wear to a family dinner

Wardrobe Malfunction Prone Outfits

A thigh-high slit or those plunging necklines, try to stay away from outfits that may end up being a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of your family dinner.

You may be the strongest advocate for the #FreeTheNipple campaign, but now is not the time to rally about this issue.

An Over-the-Top Ensemble

Not very fair, but unless you are under eight years old, you won’t really get a good reaction on wearing your finest evening, casual gown for the family dinner.

Skip that beautiful and fancy cocktail dress for this occasion, replacing it with something more casual, comfortable and even sporty to be on the safer side.

What not to wear to a family dinner

 Let us know of your favorite attire for a family dinner in the comments below!

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