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What Not To Wear To A College Party

What Not To Wear To A College Party

What Not To Wear To A College Party

When going to a college party, what you wear should not be about what others think of you, but about what makes you comfortable and feel confident. There are some practical things that you should be aware of when you do go to a college party, though. If you haven’t thought about this, no worries, I am here to help!

1. Heels

I know I am going to shock a few of you because heels are a college party essential for some, but for a good, pain-free time, I would suggest a different style. You can still look great in flats or sneakers. But, if you truly don’t think that you can bring yourself to not wear heels, try to bring a pair of flats to change in. At the end of the day, no matter how comfortable, heels have a shelf life, so you’ll feel it eventually.

What Not To Wear To A College Party

2. Thick clothing

This is more of a no-no for winter. Parties happen in cold weather so there is a balancing act on how to dress. I did not think about that when I went to a club in December, and let’s just say, I was very, very hot.

I would suggest wearing a thick coat in the car and then leaving it at coat check. If the party/ club does not have a place for your jacket, then you can where a thicker sweater or shirt over what you are wearing and tie it around your waste later.

What Not To Wear To A College Party

3. Ton of jewelry

Jewelry is tricky. When you are dancing, things can happen. You can lose an earring, your necklace could break, etc. Especially if your jewelry is expensive, if you lose it, you might not see it again, so be careful. You don’t want to spend your night, crawling around on the floor for anything, believe me, that is an experience no one should have to suffer.

What Not To Wear To A College Party

4. Tight clothing

You are going to want to be able to move. A college party is not going to be that fun if the most that you can do is to sway gently in the corner. You’re there to have fun at the end of the day, so make sure that your clothes don’t get in the way of that.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go in a shirt three sizes too big and leggings (unless that’s your vibe), but maybe some tight latex mini dress isn’t the way to go.

What Not To Wear To A College Party

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5. Your night clothes

You can @ me on this one. I will not be convinced that pajamas and a bonnet are appropriate for a college party. If you have made the decision to go, put in some effort. I myself an not the type to put on a full face of makeup or even wear a dress, but I also wouldn’t go in a holey nightshirt with some random pajama bottoms. If you want to try to change my mind, go ahead in the comment section, but don’t get your hopes up, lol.

What Not To Wear To A College Party

6. Prom attire

On the other hand, don’t be team too much. A college party is not the place where you need to show out that much. You might think you are setting yourself up to have that picture perfect moment where the light hits you perfectly on a random staircase and the love of your life locks eyes with you below, but that just doesn’t happen. If it has happened to you, I am making an argument that you aren’t real, and I hate you ;).

But seriously, you do not have to go all out in order to stand out. Don’t roll your eyes, but what is going to make people attracted to you for any substantial period of time, is you as a person, not an outfit.

What Not To Wear To A College Party

A good college party should not be ruined by a poor choice of attire, so take these tips and have a great time! Let me know if you have any others!

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