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What Netflix Original To Watch Based On Your Zodiac

What Netflix Original To Watch Based On Your Zodiac

Trying to find something to binge can sometimes be a hard thing to do, especially when there’s so much to choose from. So, to narrow it down, here’s what Netflix original to watch based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: The Umbrella Academy

Aries were born with a fire in their heart and having to fight for themselves, no matter the cost, which is very similar to the characters in this tv show, which had to grow up with an absentee father who prepares them to save the world. Being strong is a vital trait of Aries, and this show’s ability to show strength and resiliency is perfect for this sign.

What Netflix Original to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Taurus: Russian Doll

Tauruses are patient, value consistency, and are stubborn to the core, much like the main character in this show, who is forced to relive a day over again, always dying at the end in many inconspicuous ways, and has to figure out why this is happening by eventually having to face things that she so stubbornly pushes to the back of her mind.

Gemini: Grace & Frankie

Geminis are fun, quick-witted and energetic, and always search for people to compliment but challenge them at the same time. This is exactly the vibe of Grace & Frankie, which is about two “friends” that husbands have been friends (and lovers…) for years. They find out the truth and have to handle it together, building a friendship that will last a lifetime, with a whole lot of funny situations along the way.

What Netflix Original to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Cancer: One Day at a Time

Cancers are extremely family oriented, and love watching heartwarming situations (especially romance!) which is perfect for this tv show, which is about a Puerto Rican family that tackles issues like PTSD, coming out to your family, and setting aside your differences for your loved ones. This show is a perfect example of loving people for their differences, not despite them, which is what Cancers are all about.

Leo: Glow

Leos are all about attention, passion, and crazy amounts of energy. Which, mixed with glittery 80s wrestling costumes, makes them the perfect people to enjoy this show. About the 80s women’s wrestling circuit in Los Angeles and a rival between best friends when one sleeps with the other’s husband (yikes) this show will also hold the attention of Leos, who can be hard sometimes.

What Netflix Original to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Virgo: Tidying UpĀ 

Virgos are pretty big perfectionists and find a lot of happiness in the organization of their living space, which is what Marie Kondo’s cleaning philosophies are all about. Plus, the show is also very soothing and fun to watch when you just want to relax, which Virgos really need after overthinking and analyzing everything all day.

Libra: Dear White People

The Libra sign is all about balance and justice (your symbol is the scales of justice for goodness sakes) so a show about social justice and righting societal wrongs is perfect for you. This show provides a social commentary to race in an Ivy League school and sheds light on different types of racial injustice, which, being an extremely fair person, is your jam. Plus, there’s a whole lot of really good humour that you’ll love too.

What Netflix Original to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Scorpio: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you’re looking for something intense, you found it. Scorpios are known for their bravery, secrecy and mysterious nature, and nothing says that more than the dark version of the classic 90s tv show. Sabrina, the main character, deals with having to choose between her human and witch sides, and grapples with having to keep this major secret from her friends whilst still learning some crazy cool magic. Plus, Sabrina is just as incredibly ambitious and impressive as you are.

Sagittarius: Bo Jack Horseman

Sagittariuses love realistic humour about the human condition packaged in something completely out of the ordinary, which is basically what Bo Jack HorsemanĀ is. The show follows an old 90s tv star (who happens to be a horse) and his adventure through older adult life as well as real issues like depression, sexuality, and mediocracy, whilst being set in a world where half the population are talking animals.

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What Netflix Original to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Capricorn: Sex Education

Capricorns appreciate quick-witted, smart humour, and shows about real issues that people face (for the seriousness or drama, or both…) and this show gives them just that. Sex Education is about a British teen, Otis, and his exploration into sex when he starts a sex-advice service with a fellow classmate, whilst being extremely awkward about the whole mess. Plus, his mother, a sex therapist, is played by Gillian Anderson. Which is freakin’ awesome.

Aquarius: Black Mirror

Aquariuses are all about the unexpected and conspiracy theories, which is exactly what Black Mirror focuses on. Being an anthology series that explores the effect of technology on society and human interaction (as well as some apocalyptic type stuff) this show also gives a great commentary on our society and governments, which Aquariuses love to analyze.

What Netflix Original to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Pisces: Riverdale

Pisces are all about emotion, and there’s nothing more emotional than a crazy, emotion-driven teen drama like Riverdale. The show, an adaptation of the old school Archie comics, explores a lot of realistic and emotionally charged issues, and also focuses on the importance of friendship and family through tough times.

What do you think of these shows? Have you watched any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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