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What Music You Should Listen To Based On Astrology

When it comes to astrology, every sign has defining traits and quirks that are noticeable with different lenses. Combining astrology and music, there are certain artists who parallel the qualities of each zodiac sign based on their use of lyrics, instruments, and style. 


When it comes to this zesty fire sign, they enjoy anything upbeat that can make them dance. People born under this sign will not miss a social event if they can allow it. Aries resonates most with alternative rock. Aries relates to the angsty songs of alternative rock band, Hole, with Courtney Love’s howling vocals topped with crashing guitar chords and fiery lyrics.  “Jennifer’s Body,” by Hole is the perfect Aries anthem that will fuel them through their next kickboxing session. 


Taurus prefers soft, sweet sounds that put them at ease. This Earth sign tends to live a lavish lifestyle. Taurus doesn’t listen to just any old song on the radio. The ideal way for Taurus to experience music is when they’re completely relaxed, lounging in the bath with a glass of wine. Based on astrology, this sign would likely listen to lo-fi or R&B. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover Alina Baraz while scrolling through a Taurus’ playlist, with her lullaby melodies and breezy voice. Baraz’s song, “Lavender and Velvet,” is the perfect tune for Taurus, with its sensual rhythm and lyrics that evoke a sense of luxury. 


Gemini is a strong speaker with a brilliant mind. People born under this sign dislike repetition. This air sign is very social and can get everyone in the room to laugh. With music, Geminis are on an endless hunt for new artists and genres. However, their favorite music is rap with its fast tempo, and intellectual lyrics. BROCKHAMPTON, an alternative rap group of seven members, would earn a spot on Gemini’s playlist. BROCKHAMPTON’s “Stains,” is an energetic song Gemini would play to impress their friends at the next party.


Cancers are very emotional, sympathetic, and comforting. Astrology deems Cancerians as both intuitive and protective people. When it comes to music, Cancer loves romantic tunes and they most likely have their future wedding playlist picked out. However, Cancer’s playlist wouldn’t be complete without a song from the alternative band, Beach House. “Take Care,” is a song Cancer would think was written about them. The song is about nurturing the person you’re in love with and the music is lulling and somber, a perfect unification of astrology and music combination for this sentimental water sign. 


Leos are bold, creative, and determined. This sign is a natural born leader. Leos are social creatures and are very loyal to their loved ones. This sign is deeply imaginative and has an appreciation for the arts. Leos would be most inclined to listen to hip hop, rap, and alternative music. They enjoy live music with friends, especially when dressing up, (or they’re the ones performing!) Megan Thee Stallion’s music reflects the Leo personality. “Cocky Af,” is the song Leo would play before a night out for a confidence boost.


This earth sign is intellectual, hardworking, and methodical. Virgo enjoys cleanliness, organization, and they search for purity in everyone. Virgo listens to classical, acoustic, and pop. Indie pop band, Vampire Weekend, is one that Virgo could listen to while they’re reorganizing their entire closet by color. Virgo would resonate with Vampire Weekend’s lyrics in “Campus,” that paint the picture of ivy league eminence. 


You’ll always know when a Libra is around because this sign is flirty, doting, and visionary. They love beauty, harmony, and equality. Libras are always deep into a book, or creating their next art piece, and they’re very talented and clever. This air sign enjoys anything extravagant. Libra best enjoys listening to music at a sunset picnic in the park. This air sign loves dream pop and R&B. Kali Uchis’ “Tyrant,” would play as they poured champagne and took polaroids. 


If you love a good mystery, then Scorpio is what you’re looking for. They’re secretive and seductive. This water sign is powerful, talented, and passionate. This sign enjoys music that moves their emotions. Alternative or dream pop music is Scorpio’s favorite, especially meaningful lyrics. Blending astrology and music, A Scorpio would surely find a part of themselves within Cigarettes After Sex’s music.  “Affection,” is the song you’d catch Scorpio playing on a rainy night over their record player while reminiscing about their ex. 

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Sagittarius is the ever curious seeker of adventure. This sign is open minded and optimistic. Sagittarius loves freedom, spontaneity, philosophy and religion. Sagittarius enjoys anything from world to electronic music. Astrology and music for Sagittarius is an escape and they appreciate the storytelling in every song. Blasting ABRA through their headphones, they’d stroll along cobblestone streets without any real destination. Sagittarius would have ABRA’s “VEGAS,” on repeat, a song all about taking chances. 


Capricorn is driven, hard working, and ambitious. This sign is realistic and disciplined. Capricorns are financially responsible and disciplined. Capricorns love status, success, and money. This Earth sign needs something to keep them focused, such as classical music or organic sounds. Big Thief would be a favorite on Capricorn’s playlist, and they’d curl up in a window seat with a book while “Contact,” plays faintly. 


This air sign is the eccentric humanitarian of the zodiac. Aquarius is innovative and expressive. They listen to anything underground and love mashups and covers. In astrology and music, Aquarius marches to their own beat always. Aquarius will find their way into an art gallery, nodding along to the cyberpunk music. Grimes would be a huge influence to Aquarius, with her experimental, futuristic sound. This air sign probably already knows all of the words to “Genesis,” and the entirety of the Visions album. 


This water sign is the intuitive, hopeless romantic of the zodiac. Pisces are gentle and wise. People born under this sign are the daydreamers. When it comes to astrology and music for this water sign, they seek songs about love, spirituality, and anything fantasy-related. Pisces love emotional music, so you’ll catch onto their love for SZA. They’ll set up a shower speaker and cry along to “Drew Barrymore,” as the water runs over them. 

What artists did you feel suited their zodiac sign best? What is your favorite way to experience and interact with music?

Hayley D'Amico

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