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What Men Should Wear To Work

What Men Should Wear To Work

As a guy, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what to wear to certain occasions, especially to work. How nice are you supposed to dress? What shoes should you wear? Does this even match? Your first job, or even a job interview is one of life’s most significant milestones. As a young person, it may seem as though employers are extra weary of how you carry yourself, which is why dressing your best is important to make a good first impression. It can be hard to figure out exactly what to wear to work, and it can also be something that puts a rather large dent in your wallet. But, thankfully, there are affordable and stylish clothes out there that will help you land and keep your dream job. Keep reading for the ultimate guide for what men should wear to work.

First things first. Get a sense of the atmosphere of where your job will be as much as you can. You can look up the company online, or even ask whoever you will be interviewing with what the workplace dress code is. Then, depending on what the dress code is, you can base your outfits off that. But, a rule of thumb is that you would rather be overdressed than be under-dressed, so try and spruce it up a couple notches above the acceptable look.


It’s really nice if your workplace is pretty lenient about what you can wear. It definitely makes getting ready (and shopping) for what to wear to work a lot easier. Khakis or chino pants are always a good call. Most of the time companies with casual dress allow jeans. Wear a polo or a plaid button down shirt, and complete your look with loafers, boat shoes, or even sneakers. Try and avoid flip-flops and slippers, and save the sweatpants for when you get home.





Business Casual

Business casual dress is the next step up. Jeans probably aren’t allowed, unless your work celebrates casual Friday. Usually a nice pair of slacks with a button down shirt, and a tie will suffice. Try not to wear crazy-patterned ties or too vibrant patterns on your shirt. Stick to simple, such as a striped button down shirt with a a tie that matches the accent of your stripes, or even a plain blue shirt with a black tie. For shoes, loafers or lace-up dress shoes would be perfect. You can even wear a sport jacket to add an extra touch.




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Business Formal

Business formal attire is a little trickier because it takes some more effort than the other two dress codes, and it can be much more expensive. Suits are necessary to fit the criteria of this one, and they should always be a conservative color, such as black, navy blue or gray. Your under shirt should also be a plain color, such as white, light gray, or light blue. Your tie doesn’t have to be plain, and can have a pattern, but make sure it’s nothing too busy. Shoes should always be laced dress shoes. Always avoid jeans, khakis, or any other casual pants, and keep the sneakers for the gym.




Follow these tips on what to wear to work and you will be sure to dress to impress!

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