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What Major You Should Declare Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Having trouble deciding which major you should declare? Your zodiac sign may give you an idea of what major may be good for you, based on the characteristics of your sign!

1. Aquarius-Sociology

The typical Aquarius is someone that likes to keep to themselves, is incredibly passionate about their beliefs, super-intelligent, and is concerned with matters of equality for all. Therefore, the major you should declare, Aquarius, is sociology! Sociology is focused on all the facets of human society including how society came to be, the structure of said society, as well as how society functions. This is perfect for Aquarius because not only will their intellect be stimulated by the course material, but also their need for equality will be met. One of the main goals of sociologists is to better human society based on what they learn, and equality is something that is sought out in this field of work.

2. Pisces-Film and Photography

Pisces are gentle by nature. Usually, they are wise beyond their years, sensitive, emotional, get along with everyone, and love a good old-fashioned hobby. If you are a Pisces, the major you should declare is Film and Photography! Your love of hobbies usually means that you are multifaceted, you are good at a lot of things which is a great way to be in the film industry. Your ability to be amiable and work with many different types of people will be incredibly useful in the workplace! Also, the sensitivity you carry will allow your art to carry weight and evoke emotion in the audience digesting your work.

3. Aries-Education

Aries, you are independent and extroverted, love being the person in charge, are a bit impulsive, and tend to be more practical than emotional. Education is the major you should declare! The journey of becoming an educator is suited to you, Aries, because as an extrovert you love being around people. Furthermore, as someone who leads with their head rather than their heart, you will remain calm and collected in the classroom, which is vital in keeping students on track. Leadership will be a huge aspect of your major, as you will be training to teach,  which should tickle your fancy!

4. Taurus-English

I may be a little bias as a Taurus myself with an English degree, but the major you should declare is English Literature! As a lover of romance and the arts, this is right up your alley, Taurus. You are a bit stubborn, but pride yourself on being responsible and love consistency. The stable structure of literature courses, reading homework, and class discussion, will give you the consistent routine you crave. Your responsibility will be necessary to complete all of the assigned reading, though you will most likely not need any further motivation than your love of books.

5. Gemini-Business

As a Gemini, you are curious, extroverted, a people person, you love to travel, motivated to succeed, and very adaptable to any situation. Therefore, business is the major you should declare! As a business major, you will need to interact with many people, adapt to new locations as there is usually some travel involved depending on your future position, and be motivated to pitch projects. Your curiosity will allow you to dive deep into your work and the natural drive you have within you will be useful as well.

6. Cancer-Creative Writing

Cancers are usually imaginative, creative, love helping others, tend to lead with emotion rather than practicality, and avoid conflict at all costs. The major you should declare, Cancer, is creative writing! This major will allow you to take a deep dive into your imagination and let you unleash all of your creativity. Your emotion can pour out into your writing, which will make it feel all the more personal and persuasive! Creative writing courses are incredibly interactive, which allows for assisting others with their pieces as well.

7. Leo-Theatre

Leo, you are creative, very headstrong, love a challenge, loyal, typically extroverted, and quite confident in your abilities and talents. The major you should declare, Leo, is Theatre! You were made for the spotlight! Your ability to exude confidence and face challenges will aid you in learning complicated choreography or a lengthy, emotional monologue. Your willful nature will no doubt make you incredibly convincing in portraying any character you may snag the role of, and loyalty to your fellow theatre students will allow you to connect with the cast as they’ll see they can trust you.

8. Virgo-Chemistry

As a Virgo, you are naturally hardworking, have a very analytical way of thinking, admire cleanliness is all facets of life, are practical, and goal-oriented. You keep your eye on the prize, Virgo, which is why Chemistry is the major you should declare! Having a major within the sciences demands organization, planning, quick-thinking, and of course, an analytical mind. Your cleanliness will ensure that things run smoothly in lab sessions, and the work ethic you have will help you as you advance from beginning courses to high-level major courses.

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9. Libra-Kinesiology

Libra, you are inherently social, outdoorsy, are the peace-keeper in many situations, and are highly intelligent. These qualities make Kinesiology the major you should declare! Your calming, charming personality makes others feel comfortable around you instantly, which can make treating ailments much easier on the client, or the classmate you are practicing on. Your keen intelligence will allow you to pick up the material quickly, which is not an easy task in this major. Your sense of joy in the wilderness may even lead you to become a trainer one day, which would allow you to work athletic tournaments and enjoy the sunshine!

10. Scorpio-Political Science

As a Scorpio, your personality leads you to be brave and assertive, resourceful, allows you to take up leadership roles with ease, as well as stand out in a crowd. The major made just for you, Scorpio, is political science! Your ability to be assertive without fear of the opinions of others makes you a great candidate. The urge to lead and resourcefulness you naturally have would allow you to dominate group projects and presentations on various political policies. Your assertiveness also tends to make you a very persuasive person which is a huge part of the world of political science.

11. Saggitarius-Philosophy

Saggitarius, you have a wonderful sense of humor, are generous, adore traveling, usually quite optimistic and idyllic in your way of thinking, and aim high when setting goals. These combined show that Philosophy is the major you should declare! Philosophy as a major requires a lot of thinking in a metaphoric and complex way. It can inspire travel to countries you are subject to study, such as India where Buddhism was founded as a religion. Your humor will bring a lightness to your courses and surely cultivate interesting conversation.

12. Capricorn- History

The typical Capricorn is disciplined, values tradition as well as responsibility, and tend to think about the past frequently. That being said, the major you should declare is history! This major is entirely made up of courses about the past, which is ideal for you, Capricorn. Your ability to self-discipline will be valued, as the amount of reading each day is usually quite large. Your love of responsibility will shine through in-class conversation as you learn about historical events and how certain people groups have been treated over the years in various countries.

Choosing a major to declare is a big decision, but bringing in attributes of your personality, as described by your zodiac sign, makes the process way more fun! Let us know in the comments what major you decide to declare!
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