What Lannister Family You Are Based On Your Personality

The Lannister family has a lot of complicated and awful moments between them.throughout their history. Even though they seemed to be the antagonist at the beginning of the story, as it continued, the Lannisters grew in complexity and morality. This has led to a rich and complicated tapestry that many of the Lannisters hold as part of their identity. However, the common thread that ties their goals and drive seems to be the idea of Family. Here is what member of the Lannister Family you may be based on your personality.


Tywin became cold and calculation after his father almost destroyed the Lannister family. Tywin’s father, according to him, was weak-willed and idiotic. He did not have the strength of force that Tywin would come to use masterfully. As such, when Tywin became of age, he used his rage to completely annihilate an opposing family and had his father’s concubine, who his father had gifted with Tywin’s mother’s jewels, walk naked out of their realm. As such, Tywin would become a no-nonsense man whose only goal is to raise their family’s status. If you value your family name more than anything and your family status, then you may be more like Tywin Lannister.



Cersei Lannister is a cruel, vindictive, and evil woman. If you even think you may seem similar, I would advise you to seek professional psychological help. Anyway, Cersei Lannister, like her family, acts only to benefit her family. In Cersei’s case, she only values herself and her children, but only to the point where they remain a part of her. Joffrey was an absolute monster, and despite this obvious fact, Cersei mourns her son, whereas his biological father, Jaime, did not mourn at all. Her idea of loyalty transcends morality. If you value your identity and your goals that are upheld through your last name, as well as being a maniacal dictator with penis envy, you are like Cersei, and I would recommend again to get professional help. 


Jaime Lannister is a complicated character. He pushed Bran Stark off a tower to keep his affair with his sister hidden, but he also protected his dwarf brother from their family as best he could for his whole life. Many people are not only good or bad, but instead a mix of both, struggling to decide which path to follow. Jaime is one such character. He values his family immensely, to the point where his character focuses on the conflict between family members. His father and sister hate Tyrion, his little brother, but Jaime still tries his best to protect him, such as when Jaime broke his brother out of prison before his execution and feels guilty after Tyrion kills their father that same night. If you value your family and their well being over yourself, but seem to have trouble determining family and morality, you may be more like Jaime.

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Tyrion Lannister is a wonderfully cunning, but depressingly mistreated character. The hate and abuse he suffered were lessened only by the love of his brother and uncle. Because of these small sources of affection, Tyrion did not come to completely hate his family. Instead, he loves his family, only regrets that they could not have been better. He fights to keep his family safe, like sending his niece away and fighting and planning for the battle of Blackwater. Even when his sister and father betray him and he joins Daenerys Targaryen, he still hopes for his family’s safety from the dragons. If you value intellect and love for your family, Tyrion is more likely the character you sympathize with. Abuse has made him kind to others, like Jon and Bran, and with a kind heart, Tyrion has become the character whose only aid is his bond and his aim is to save his family from themselves and others.


Here is a list of Lannister family members that you make be like based on your personality. If you guys have anything to add, share them below.

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