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What La Croix Flavor You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What La Croix Flavor You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

La Croix has become an iconic meme and something that people love, hate, or are neutral (me) on. To me, it’s just like any other beverage out there, but because of meme culture, they have become big and it seems like lots of people have very strong opinions on them now. I’ve come up with a list that relates your zodiac sign to specific La Croix flavors, mostly based on what flavor reminds me of certain zodiac signs in my life, but that’s up for debate. 


Cran-Raspberry because of the weird flavor combo that somehow balances out in my opinion. It tastes good and libra are all about balance. I never thought these flavors would ever go together but they do. Libras make things that I never thought would work out, work out in the end. I think of this La Croix flavor when I think of my Libra friends and I appreciate them for the balance and sanity they bring to my life.

What La Croix Flavor You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Berry because it’s a classic flavor, most people tend to dislike it, but that’s because their taste buds are broken. I personally love the berry La Croix flavor and think it’s a classic. Capricorns have understated personalities and qualities and I think are overlooked within the zodiac, and similar to this flavor of La Croix. To me, these two go well together and are a good pair.

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Lemon is a classic flavor and I think Scorpios are lemons because they are zesty, yet down to earth. Lemon is a safe La Croix to grab when you’re at a party or gathering, and Scorpios are easy to get along with and hang out with if you’re at one of those parties or gatherings. I feel like people gravitate towards Scorpios because to me, they’re easy to get along with. Similar to a lemon flavored La Croix, it’s easy to drink and is pleasing to taste.


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Lime because it’s quite basic, but is also a familiar taste. It reminds you of tacos and enhancing the flavors of foods, like how Sagittariuses, to me, brighten up the room and bring out the best in people. They’re easy to get along with and laugh with, and I love hanging out with a Sagittarius like how I love myself a good lime flavored La Croix once in a while.

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Mango because they’re tropical and fruit as anyone I know and the deserve to be paired up with a flavor as good as mango. Every Pisces I know reminds me fun, vibrant, energetic times like how mangoes remind me of fun and tasty foods. On the exterior, they look plain and normal, just like how before getting to know a Pisces, you kind of overlook then. But when the flavor of a mango La Croix hits your taste buds, and when you meet a Pisces and get to know them, your whole world is forever changed for the better.

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Apricot because Aquariuses are aloof and apricots are one of those fruits and La Croix flavors that make you pause for a second because… wait… aren’t these just peaches? Besides that, these two are actually a great pair because they’re independent and are doing their own thing with confidence, much like how the Apricot flavor of La Croix stands strong even though peach is a thing. There’s more of a zest and flavor punch to apricot than other flavors and that’s also why I think Aquarius and Apricot La Croix go well together.


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Orange because orange is a very classic flavor that you always know is going to stay consistent and solid, just like the Virgos in your life. They’re organized, but not in a nitpicky annoying way. They’re flexible with change and movement, but they aren’t going to get upset at you for doing one thing differently than the way they always do it. That’s one thing I love about Virgos. They are easy to understand and can explain things in a way that isn’t overly complicated.

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Passion fruit because passion fruit should be the strongest flavor of La Croix, like how I picture Leos being the strongest (whether it be emotionally, physically or mentally) sign of the zodiacs. I think passion fruit is an underrated flavor overall, but it’s also not so low that it makes it an issue to me. It’s a good strong flavor, like how all the Leos in my life are solid and understanding and I can trust and depend on them. They’re solid rocks in my life just like how the passion fruit La Croix is something I can count on to never change.

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Peach-Pear because it’s one of the better tasting flavors that is mixed. Geminis have many sides to them, and I think people too often think negatively about them. But the different sides to Geminis are actually beneficial in my opinion because they’re able to tackle things from many different angles because they can see and understand many different points of views.

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Coconut because this is the best astrological sign out there and this is the best La Croix flavor out there. No tea no shade to anyone else who argues against that statement, but it’s pure opinion and I think the two best things in each category have got to be paired up with each other. Cancers are also really emotional people, but it takes some time of getting to know them before they share those intense sides to people they know. Like how a coconut has a tough shell to break through before you get to the sweet juices and fruit of it, most cancers take time to get to know and understand fully.


What La Croix Flavor You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Pamplemousse because Aries are all over the wall unpredictable. This flavor of La Croix is a wild card because when you initially hear the name, you’re like what the heck, but it’s just grapefruit. When you first meet an Aries, you’re like what the heck, but then you learn their sign and everything makes sense. They bring amazing energy to the room and group and it’s something people don’t let the Aries know. Let all your Aries friends know how much you appreciate them right now.

What La Croix Flavor You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Tangerine because it’s a tasty flavor, and every Taurus I know has good taste in fashion, food, drinks, decor, and everything else that’s personable and can be styled to their own taste. 

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La Croix is a pretty good sparkling water at the end of the day. The flavor options are great and the fact it’s become a meme is something else that’s pretty funny as well. Let us know in the comments below what flavor you think you are based on your sign and what you think of the list!

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