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What Kind Of Sims Player You Are

What Kind Of Sims Player You Are

If you are already familiar with the Sims games, you know that the gameplay has been taken to another level by other simmers. From challenges and contests that are posted on social media sites to other custom content not being created by the Sims EA Team. Regardless of your choice of playing the sims game, you more likely have a preference on how to play the game and create more fun and interactions for your sims.

The Content Creator

These simmers are down to take the risk of challenging the traditional gameplay and to think outside of the box to make the game more exciting and to ultimately to their tastes. The content creators are known to put it extreme hours of dedication to alter the gameplay and to also make the content to run as smooth just like the base game. The custom content can range from custom packs like “Sims 4 Go to School” and then there’s one of the few popular but sinister ones created by SACRIFICIAL and the adult custom content by TURBODRIVER. Just be mindful that some content will override some or all interactions, and if they are not updated, unfortunate;y they can create bugs in your game, so be very careful.

What Kind Of Sims Player You Are

The Architect

From finding the perfect colors and patterns for the living room to creating a pretty scenery for each lot on Build Mode, the architect is more likely to have a blueprint on how they are going to recreate the best and most grand homes and lively social environments for their sims. These players can spend long hours to a couple of days changing things around and creating a desirable number for your sims. Despite it being very time consuming, these diligent workers time and effort really pay off. If you are in desperate need of a home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for a full house of sims, the architect would have already posted it into the sims gallery. It may sound like a cheat but it is less work for you and that household of 8 sims.

What Kind Of Sims Player You Are

The Mod Shopper

Once you start mod shopping, you’ll never go back to Maxis custom gameplay features ever again. The mod shopper would have endless files of body modifications to today’s trendy looks for their sims. They are out hunting for the perfect shoes or hairstyles for their sims. For the mod shopper, it gets serious if they start even looking for more choices in makeup, skin details, hairstyles and facial hairs for their sim townies. Talk about obsession over style and looks, my goodness!

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The Sim Creator

The title speaks for itself. These players take their sweet time to create the most diverse set of sims and share them in the Sims Gallery. As a sim creator, they are always changing outfits and hairstyles of their sims as well. Making the ultimate look for the sims is essential and they won’t stop trying on new looks until they are certain and satisfied with the final touches. Skilled Sim creators are adept at imitation, and they are extremely detail-oriented. From finding the right skin details to creating several outfits for each occasion is their expertise. They always find the time and patience to put their skills to the test. If you want your sim to sparkle and shine everywhere they go or you want a sim that is all eye candy, look in the Sims Gallery. That’s where all the good creations are.

What Kind Of Sims Player You Are

The Cheater

This is spot on. Cheating in any Sims games. You already have all the Sims cheats memorized and start off every new sim creation with a quick mother load cheat.

These are only a couple of Sims players. If you guys have any others in mind, please share them below.

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