What Justice League Member You Are Based On Your Personality

The Justice League is DC’s superhero group that stand for liberty and justice. As such, many of the members of the Justice League uphold the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, even when countries themselves do not. The most well known Justice League members are listed below and you will be able to see which hero you are most like based on your personality. 


Everyone knows about Superman. The “Man of Steel” is an immigrant that was born and raised to be the paragon of virtue by his adoptive parents. In Superman, we see how much the intrinsic values of honor and truth strengthen the person. Superman is canonically strengthened by the Sun’s yellow light, but metaphorically, his true inner strength comes from his kindness and compassion. Every single word that is considered good is synonymous with Superman’s identity.If you value goodness and charity for all, no matter what creed, color, or gender, then you are similar to Superman in the most important ways possible.

What Justice League Member You Are Based On Your Personality


Batman is driven by vengeance, but chooses to fight for justice. As the antithesis of Superman, Batman is all that Superman is not; cold, calculating, and brutal. However, this dichotomy comes through as an appreciation of each other’s strengths. Superman inspires and brings good out of everyone. In Batman’s case, the mission is more important. Batman promotes and brings about justice through his actions. Batman’s success comes from his commitment to his mission. His tools to fight injustice are his mind and body, and any one of us can work as hard as Batman in order to make the world batter. Batman is the common man’s superhero, the one that, though is less powerful than other superheroes, can nonetheless work to bring about good in the world. If you value perseverance and intelligence, then you are more similar to Batman than you might think.  

What Justice League Member You Are Based On Your Personality

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s Trinity that, along with Superman and Batman, inspire people to fight for good. Similar to Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman fights crime with her powerful strength and skills, but what really set her apart from the other heroes is her heart. Even though Superman fights for good because it is the right thing to do, Wonder Woman fights out of love for humanity. She believes in the best things in every one of us and more than just defending people’s lives, she inspires us by helping us realize that love and compassion can better us as much as intelligence and hope. Wonder Woman opposes the idea that femininity is a weakness and demonstrates how it is actually a source of strength. If you value kindness over brute strength or intelligence, you may be more similar to Wonder Woman.

What Justice League Member You Are Based On Your Personality

Green Lantern

Green Lanterns derive their powers from his ring, which uses their own willpower as the energy source. As such, a Green Lantern’s power comes from their own belief in himself and their actions. What Green Lantern then represents is the power of our own beliefs. If you desire with all your heart to do the right thing, you are more like Green Lantern than you think. Their bravery to fight fuels the ring, and so, if you also believe yourself to be brave and strong willed, then you share a lot of qualities with Green Lantern. 

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What Justice League Member You Are Based On Your Personality


The Flash is a humble human being. His mother murdered and his father blamed with the crime has affected him at a very early age. However, this tragedy only served to fuel his search and fight for justice, blind and impartial as it ought to be. The Flash, though the fastest man alive, remains as one of DC’s most compassionate souls. Throughout both comics and television shows, the Flash is always portrayed as kind. If you value kindness as one of the most important qualities of a hero, then you may share a lot of qualities with the Flash.

What Justice League Member You Are Based On Your Personality

Here is a list of Justice League members you may be based on your personality. If you guys have any other Justice League members that you would want to discuss, please share them below.

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