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What It’s Really Like To Have Sex At Uni

What It’s Really Like To Have Sex At Uni

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In the words of Guns and Roses, “welcome to the jungle, it’s all fun and games.” Welcome to the world of sex at uni. A world where you might experience a large to little amount of sexual activities. So, what is it really like to have sex at uni? Well, it massively varies, but there are some common scenarios that you can probably relate to. See what you think of these typical uni sexual experiences. And remember, consent always!

The fresher week binge

People have so many boring opinions about the rights and wrongs of sex at uni. They will also have preconceived ideas about sex. Honestly, just do whatever you want to with consent OBVZ. Fresher week is usually a lot of sleeping in and going out. The perfect first chapter to your uni sex career.

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The shit where you eat

You had sex with someone in your halls or house. This can be great or terrible. Not the quality of the sex I mean, just the scenario that it’ll turn into. Which will probably be you avoiding eye contact over your morning toast.

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The club catch

Probably the easiest way to hook up. Like shooting fish in a barrel. This will involve a drunk stagger back to yours/theirs. And if it’s theirs, a walk home that feels very long in the morning. The walk of shame / stride of pride that you see in the mornings after a night out are best around Halloween. What it’s really like to have sex at uni is walking home dressed as a zombie after your Halloween sex-capade.

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The good, the bad and the ugly.

Yeah… all of the above…

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The tinder date

The Tinder pool is rife at uni, especially as everyone is so close by. Hopefully you’ll find a goodie. Sadly, they don’t have those kind of essential statistics in the bio… It’s still a blind date in some ways…

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The “I don’t wanna lead you on”

There’s always some prick that doesn’t understand that everyone can like a one / two-time shag without catching feels.

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The I caught feels

Maybe you can’t have a heart of steel every time…

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The we already had sex lol

Sometimes you just need that touch of the familiar… or familiar touch.

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The shusher

Sex obviously occurs a lot of uni. Having a load of, probably drunk, young adults literally sleeping in the same place is asking for it. This will mean at some point you will definitely hear someone / your housemate having sex too. Be considerate if it’s you on top. What it’s really like to have sex at uni is a lot of shushing and floor sex to counter balance the creaky beds and paper-thin student house walls.

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The goddamn weird

Weird tendencies, noises, idk… you have the potential to see it all.

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The library boyfriend/girlfriend

No that will literally never happen… lol keep procrasti-dreaming. Everyone has their library crush, but you rarely get to see them outside the library. They will just remain a fantasy. Unless you wanna try your charms between the books.

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The winner winner chicken dinner

I mean this is just sex and a take-away after/before… during… err maybe? It will happen. It. Will. Be. Awesome. Uni is probably a time of your life when you have the most sex and most take-aways… why not make an awesome combo.

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If you are looking for sex you will probably find it. Stay safe and always practice consensual sex. Have as much fun having sex at uni as you want. What it’s really like to have sex at uni is making those hook up mistakes, finding out what you like and don’t. And hopefully finding someone to have good sex with on the reg. There isn’t a right and wrong way to have sex at uni. Just know, that library bae… it really isn’t going to happen. Really.

Really, I mean it. What are your thoughts on sex at uni? Tell us in the comments!

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