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What It’s Really Like To Be An Introvert

What It’s Really Like To Be An Introvert

It can be hard to crack the code of introverted people. Yet the definition of an introvert is commonly missunderstood. This is what it's really like!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an introvert is a “shy and reticent person.” Reticent, yeah maybe, but shy- no way! Introverts have been misinterpreted since the 17th century…yeah, that’s right. So in order to clear the clouds of misinterpretation, here are some fun facts about introverts- from an introvert.

1) Being sassy is the key.

There are only 16% introverts on this earth, so if you ever come across one, consider yourself very lucky. Extroverts are well-known for their boldness, but introverts don’t lag behind-instead they lead. We do stuff that no one can imagine. The difference is that we display our sassy side to only a handful of people.


2) A resource that never runs out.

Introverts are like those servers of Google that store every possible piece of information. They know what’s the hot news around, “who’s dating, who’s hating”, where to find THAT precious info. Anything! So, stuck somewhere? Having a problem? You know who to contact! They’ll prove to be your savior.


3) Cool and creative.

Your Instagram feed is normally filled with the fan pages of your favorite celeb, your idol etc. Right? Ever wonder about the people who run such great accounts? Most of them are introverts. That’s right. Many such cool activities come in combo with an introvert. You just got to discover it!

4) Call us WEIRDOS.

Introverts proudly proclaim themselves as weirdos. It’s more of a compliment for them. They live to be tagged #weirdo. Want to make an introvert happy? Call him/her a weirdo. It’ll mean the world to them.


5) The most humane people.

It looks like introverts are lost in their own wonderland. It’s not even 0.00001% true. Let me tell you what happens when you communicate with an introvert. You least care when you text someone in general, but even your casual messages and greetings are like the last few ounces of oxygen left on earth.


6) Mysteriousness runs in the blood.

The most important criteria to declare oneself as an introvert is that one has to create mysteriousness around one’s personality. That’s why introverts are hard to keep up with. Introverts put mysteriousness into everything. For example, my Facebook statuses are hard to crack. In fact, mysteriousness is keeping introverts alive.

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7) Best advisors on earth.

Introverts are very good observers. They know, very well, how to deal with a situation. So, if you think that they don’t want to help you, believe me, they want to. Just reach out to them. 

8) Incognito mode is the preference.

Introverts tend to keep their identities hidden everywhere, be it online or offline. They are very conscious about it. For example, me. I have joined all of the chats of the college that I’m going to attend this Fall and have directly chatted to many people, but no one has ever seen my face. All they have seen is my Facebook profile picture which is my childhood photograph.


9) The prevailing gloominess needs to end.

There’s one thing that you will observe in every introvert, they are all gloomy. I don’t know why, but people tend to ignore introverts: like they don’t exist or their problems don’t matter. This is the sole reason of the widespread gloominess. I know because I have faced this. Please break this misconception that introverts don’t need anyone.

10) The best of friends.

If you sum up all that is mentioned above, you can definitely say that introverts are awesome people to be with. They can easily be on your “bff” list. All you have to do is make an effort, decode them, and offer a hand of a friend. That’s all it takes!


Can you think of anymore characteristics of introverts? Let us know in the comments!
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