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What It’s Like To Date A Gemini

What It’s Like To Date A Gemini

Dating a Gemini? Here are Gemini date ideas. Ad ate with a Gemini is bound to be a good time. Go date a Gemini because Gemini dates are unforgettable.

The Gemini babe these members of the Zodiac are always working at high frequencies – which includes their mouths. Since they are ruled by the planet of communication, technology and the mind, Geminis are known for being chatterboxes. While that usually is affiliated as a negative, they’re constant chatter isn’t mindless. In fact, most of the conversation these Zodiac babes dictate is insightful, deep and well thought out. Gemini dates are the most fun!

About A Gemini.

Going on a date with a Gemini will quickly uncover their high levels of curiosity and forward-thinking mentality. Geminis love learning new things and have a hunger for knowledge – they are absolutely the type to watch YouTube tutorials. If you are going to date a Gemini, you better have a serious sense of adventure because they are known for being in need of constant adventure and are extremely fast-paced. Not only does their need for knowledge and adventure constantly change, but there moods might as well. They may one day be interested in painting and then the next day, gravitate towards extreme sports. Dating a Gemini is far from boring that’s for sure!


A Gemini woman has a major case of nostalgia – they love anything vintage: music, fashion, people, you name it! Since they are such deep-thinking signs they are always curious about the past and love to draw connections from the past to the present. Keep in mind, if you go on a date with a Gemini, they get easily distracted. If you feel like they are an overexcited kid or that they can’t pay attention to you, it’s just who they are. Embrace it because it will happen frequently! There is a lot going on in that Gemini mind of theirs and they love sharing it with you. Their creativity, thoughtfulness and intelligence will surely shine through.

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Where To Take A Gemini on A Date.

Geminis make for great dates at parties because they aren’t shy and are usually the life of the party. If you are going to date a Gemini there will be no room for intimidation. They are always down for a good time. The best date for a Gemini woman – a social gathering. All you’ll really need to do is ask a few questions and they will take it from there. Sit back, relax and date a Gemini.

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