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What It’s Like Living With Anxiety

What It’s Like Living With Anxiety

Living with anxiety is a struggle for most. It's a crippling mental illness that not everyone understands. Here's what life is like for people with anxiety.

I wanted to begin by saying that anxiety is something many people suffer from and is different for everyone. While I feel anxious in certain situations, I have friends and family members whose anxiety disorders affect them on a day to day basis. This why I’ve decided to ask around and write about what it’s like living with anxiety.

What It's Like Living With Anxiety

Not wanting to speak in front of your class.

This one can be hell for a lot of people, especially when teachers put students on the spot in the middle of the class. You get the feeling that everyone is watching you and find that your voice is breaking when you try to speak.

What It's Like Living With Anxiety

Constantly feeling like people are staring.

Many people who suffer from anxiety have said that they hate walking in places that have a lot of people because they feel as though they are being stared at and while this may not always be true, it still very much affects people with anxiety disorders.

Ordering food on your own.

Not wanting to order on your own and feeling shy and embarrassed about doing so, while knowing full well that everyone else is doing it, is probably one of the worst things about having anxiety. Many people with anxiety would rather order food online instead of calling on the phone for that very reason.

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What It's Like Living With Anxiety

Always having to carry something.

Living with anxiety means having to learn what exactly your coping mechanisms are. For a lot of people, carrying a bag, phone, or even a scarf, actually helps them cope with anxiety attacks. I know a lot of people who call someone when they are out so they don’t feel as alone and anxious.

What is living with anxiety like for you? Tell me in the comments!
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