What Is Your Spring Makeup Look Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you having trouble finding your spring makeup look? Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot more than just what your personality is like. Try these makeup looks that are assigned to your zodiac sign and you might be surprised by how much they suit your personality. Here is what your spring makeup look would be according to your zodiac sign.


The fiery Aries will appreciate an attention-grabbing red-orange lip. Paired with a smoky, taupe cut crease, this look gives Aries a sophisticated look that matches their passion and temper. This easy look can be done quickly so it won’t slow the Aries down when they rush out in the morning to take on the world.


The practical and sensual Taurus will like how simple this nude, pink lip is and embrace their sensual side by adding some fluttery lashes and smokey eyes. This look will gives the Taurus room to tackle their everyday life without having to be too careful about smudging their lipstick but won’t hinder them when it’s time to play. Flirting is no big deal when your lashes are long enough to be little wings. To take this look from day to night, you can add a dramatic wing and you’re ready to party!


Geminis should try to incorporate the pastels that are signature for the spring season into their makeup.  Take change and try out pastel color in your eye looks. Given this wide range of color options, Geminis will put their imaginations to the test to invent new looks to match their ever-changing mood. But start with this pastel green eyeliner and soft orange shadow first. You will love how this bold look showcases that Gemini’s creativity and wild side.  But stick to a light pink color on the lips because we want the focus to be on that awesome new eye look.


The homebody and sensitive Cancer needs something that’s soft and romantic. And this makeup look is. An monochromatic pink look is simple but the Cancer, who just wants to be a couch potato today, doesn’t need to complicate her life with a lot of products and color. Give your eyes a wash of rose gold shadow and your lips some tinted balm and then just swipe on some blush and mascara. Now you’re ready to enjoy a rainy spring day inside with a nice cup of tea!


The trendsetter Leo wants a showstopping makeup look so this spring, you should try this floral eyeliner. This look may take some practice to nail but once you do, you will be the center of attention. Everyone will want to know about your technique and has to compliment you on your incredible make up skills. The hard work you put into practicing this flowery eye look will be rewarded at any party, social gathering, or school event you go to.


Virgos are wise and sensible so their spring makeup look will need to be a quick and easy part of their morning routine but can’t lose any part of the glamour. This look can keep up with the efficient Virgo when she’s ready to take on the world in the morning. It also won’t stress out the already busy Virgo with mini breaks during the day to touch up. The nude pink lip and winged liner is fresh and simple so you can easily transition from daytime job into nighttime fun.


Sensitive and peacekeeping Libras don’t want to rock the boat too much with their makeup looks. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun with color! The soft pastels in this look lets the Libra be creative and play without pushing the boundaries too much. Also, this delicate look with the lavender eyes and nude lips match the Libra’s kind and gentle soul.


Scorpios are such secretive and passionate people that they just have a natural charm that grabs the attention of other people. Their make up look doesn’t need to be bold or eccentric to make them a showstopper. This spring makeup look matches their loving personality yet still manages to maintain that aura of mystery that Scorpios are known for. This conservative look with romantic colors allows room for that enigmatic personality to draw the attention of everyone in the room.

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The energetic Sagittarius wants something fun but won’t interfere with their constant traveling and exploration. This fun coral lip will keep the Sagittarius looking fabulous and fresh as they hop from country to country. And it will last, no matter what new hobby they want to try! The simple look also means that the Sagittarius will be out the door quickly and can start her day of adventure as fast as possible.


The ambitious Capricorn needs a look that matches their lifestyle of hard work and dedication. This strong eyeliner will show people that the Capricorns means business. That wing is as strong as their work ethic! Capricorns don’t have time during their busy weekdays to worry about color and coordination. The strong winged liner is a quick step in their morning routine before they’re out the door and back to putting that strong will to good use.


Free-spirited Aquarius are always down to try something new and exciting. This spring makeup look has them covered with many pastel colors. Try something new and eccentric with this pastel, dusty eye look.  This combination of color will make the Aquarius look beautiful and magical. And their adventurous spirit will love trying this unique look that others haven’t tried before!


The selfless Pisces is always trying to help other people. This spring makeup look for Pisces is very glowy and dewy. Their highlight game is as bright as their humanitarian soul. This makeup look isn’t very complicated since Pisces can dust on a strong highlighter and be out of the house fast. But this look also reflects a lot of self-care as Pisces should take time out of their day to treat themselves as well as they treat others. Being hydrated and moisturized will not only shorten the time taken away from volunteer work but also keep themselves healthy and well so they can keep doing what they do best.

Do you agree with the spring makeup look given to each sign? Tell us in the comments if you agree or disagree!
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