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What Is The Stigma Behind Giving Oral Sex?

What Is The Stigma Behind Giving Oral Sex?

In this age of hook up culture, having sex with a stranger isn't too far off from the norm. But, what's it really like? Let's talk about that.

Oral sex is one of the best sensual feelings that come from having sex without including the penetration of the vagina. In all honesty, most people, guys rather prefer oral sex much more but isn’t going deny vaginal intercourse.

Woman Love Pleasing Man

Most men love a woman who is down for the get down if you get my drift. The idea that a woman loves to bring pleasure and satisfaction to a man is amazing. Women love pleasing men and, it could be taken for granted.

Majority of the woman and young adults (females) that I have encountered, expressed to me the level of enjoyment that they get knowing that they are able to please their partner. The power that they feel they have when they are in control is empowering.

What Is The Stigma Behind Me Giving Oral Sex?

Woman That Think It’s Degrading

I know personally, I use to have this mindset that it was one of the most degrading and dehumanizing things in the world. I felt like this because I would hear the stories of other female experiences and what they were describing, I wanted no parts of it.

There are many things that men do while they are receiving oral sex, like pushing the girls head down (giving assistance), some guys think it’s okay to not wash before they present themselves to you.

Guys Enjoy Eating Females Out

I’ve met some guys who enjoyed deeply the amount of pleasure they are able to bring to a female. I have a lot of guy friends who discuss with me why they don’t find a problem with giving oral.

I have one friend who talked about how it is unfair for guys to expect something that they are not willing to reciprocate back. You can’t receive and not give back especially when it had something to do with sex.

Guys Hate It With A Passion

There is this negative stigma that guys have when it comes to performing oral sex. They have this unnatural perception that depending on the girl, especially the color of the individual determines if they do it or not.

There is many other factors but that is the most common reasoning behing why men don’t want to give oral to females. I think is stupid, basing something off if they are too “black or dark skin”.

Colorism to the Vagina

When you discriminate against someone based off an individuals skin color, that is a different boundary that is crossed. It doesn’t help, when its woman of color and it’s their own black men that is being prejudiced.

It’s not a preference, as most would try to disguise it as, because if it is a preference then you don’t need to justify why you don’t prefer someone over another without being rude and distasteful. Some of the reasons that are said are disheartening and shameful.

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What Is The Stigma Behind Me Giving Oral Sex?

Society And Their Views

You ever ask yourself why throughout society the stigma on oral sex is only beneficial to the opposite sex (males) and excludes females.  The stigma of oral sex only allows one gender which is males to feel obligated to receiving the act, but it also shames females for wanting it in return.

Society shames females for wanting to be made feel good and appreciated in the same way that males love to get shown appreciation. Society should change their views by not holding to high expectations when it relates to gender roles.

Eradicate the behavior and the problem will no longer exist. Keep the behavior going and the behavior will get out of control.

What Is The Stigma Behind Me Giving Oral Sex?

Oral sex is a game changer and it either evolves in a good way or a bad way. Comment below and tell me if you agree with my article.

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