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What Is Considered Job Hopping After Graduation And If It’s Okay

What Is Considered Job Hopping After Graduation And If It’s Okay

What is considered job hopping and is it Okay to do? How long should you stay at the same job before you move on to the next opportunity?

Job hopping may not be new, but it is definitely more popular among millennials than it was in older generations. It often gets a bad rep, especially from older generations. A lot of people view job hunting as not being loyal, but others view it as a positive thing. While it may be negative later on in your career, job hunting after graduation has some benefits.

1. You have a chance to find what you are passionate about

Even if you did internships in college, working for a paycheck is completely different. You will also have more responsibility in a role above being an intern. Job hopping allows you to find what companies fit you best with your personality and where your strengths really shine. If it turns out you are not passionate about one aspect of your field, you are early enough in your career that job hopping is okay.

2. It will boost your resume

Different companies have different requirements for their jobs, even if the title is the same between companies. Job hopping can help you learn new skills, which will help boost your resume with skills and experience you need to land your dream job. If you want to do this, it is recommended that you stay at each job for at least two years.

What Is Considered Job Hopping After Graduation And If It's Okay

3. You get a chance to leave a job you are unhappy with

Whether you are not experiencing the growth you were promised or are not putting your skills to work, there are many reasons why you may be unhappy at work. If you are truly not satisfied at your current position and there is no sign of improvement in the near future, looking for a new job is justifiable as long as you give your current position a chance.

4. You will meet a bunch of people in your field

Job hopping in your field gives you an opportunity to meet a bunch of people in your field. Not only does this mean networking with a bunch of people, it is also a chance to learn new things and find what kinds of co-workers your work best with. You will have a variety of supervisors and bosses, which will allow you to experiment to see what management style works best for you.

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What Is Considered Job Hopping After Graduation And If It's Okay

5. You will find out what kind of company culture works for you

There are different kinds of company cultures, and while some may be a good fit for you, others will not play to your strengths and skillsets. Job hunting will expose you to a wide variety of company cultures and will help you figure out what you value most in a workplace. Finding a workplace that fits your style will help you succeed and will allow you to utilize your strengths.

6. You will make more money

Since job hopping will give you more experience and new skills, this may pay off in the long run. Most companies pay for experience and skills, and since you will get a lot of both while job hunting, you will eventually get paid more. It may take a while for this to show, but hard work and patience will pay off in the long run.

What Is Considered Job Hopping After Graduation And If It's Okay

What is considered job hopping to you? Let us know below.

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