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What Is Better, Apple Music Or Spotify?

What Is Better, Apple Music Or Spotify?

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Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most used music platforms that individuals use to obtain music. Music is a universal entity that brings people, cultures and different backgrounds together.

Spotify Top One

Before I found Spotify, my main source of music was coming from Pandora. I got tired of using it because it wasn’t doing it for me. I would forget the password and if you didn’t use it for a while it would automatically deactivate your account.

So when I switched over to Spotify, I liked it very much. I was able to make playlists, follow playlists and now mute artists that I no longer want to see pop up on my stations. Spotify has many features to its app that many other music streams lack.

Features Of Spotify

The newest feature that Spotify has is the mute option where you the ability to mute any artist that you want. When you decide to mute them, they will no longer play on the station.

This feature does a disservice to artists especially ones that have a name in the music industry. For example, look at Nicki Minaj, along with R. Kelly; two different people, two different reasons for the choice that people made to mute them but either way it hurts them both just the same.

What Is Better, Apple Music Or Spotify?

Apple Music

Apple Music is great and all but it is impossible to use when you don’t have an account. The only time you can gain access to use Apple Music is if you do the first month free. After that, you have to pay $14.99 for the subscription.

Just that alone would make most people, if not all, not want to use it because that is ridiculous. How is it that other streams are free or even allow you to use their platform but just put minor restrictions on what you can do.

What Is Better, Apple Music Or Spotify?

Apple Music Benefits

I asked one of my friends what they thought about Apple Music and if they use it or ever used it. Here is what they said:

“I use Apple Music and prefer it over Spotify because Spotify doesn’t have much of what I need in order to experience and enjoy the music that I listen to on a daily basis. Apple Music allows me to pre-order the album or listens to music that hasn’t been completely released yet.

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I never had Spotify, so I can’t really speak on the way that it works. I can only base it off of what I have been told about the music platform. Spotify seems to be cool but it never appealed to me on a personal level.”

What Is Better, Apple Music Or Spotify?

Who won?

Being a person who has used both platforms for music, I think that each of the platforms has its pros and cons. They both do the most important thing which is play music and allow you to listen to music.

I think that each platform appeals to a certain demographic and if you fall into that category then that platform is one that will work for you. Even though Apple Music is convenient because it comes with the Apple product, it doesn’t have the benefits that Spotify produces.

The numbers don’t lie regarding which artist is big in the industry or who made an impact in the lives of their fans. But ultimately the winner boils down to being Apple Music, even though there are a few cons to it that are disliked by the majority.

Comment down below and let me know what you think about the debate of whose better.

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