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What Insta Poet Should You Follow Based on Your Zodiac

What Insta Poet Should You Follow Based on Your Zodiac

Which poem should you follow based off of your zodiac sign?

In the digital age, poetry is reinventing itself through social media networks. Let yourself take a break in between all of the memes and vacation pictures and follow your zodiac sign to help find you insta poet. 

Aries: @nayyirah.waheed

You burn bright. You need to follow someone who is just as fiery for that needed inspo. Try taking a look at the insta poet user @nayyirah.waheed’s feed! She writes micro poetry with vigor and punch that you will be sure to love!


Taurus: @poetryweaver

Arpita ‘s poetry is perfect for Taurus to feel secure and anchored in place! Her reassuring, handwritten poetry is full of beautiful language, deep symbolism, and mystical energy.

Gemini: @harrybakerpoet

Since communication and learning about everything about other people is very connected to your sign Gemini, why not follow English poet, Harry Baker. His curious attitude towards life will have you nodding along to his verses.



Persian American, Kiana Azizian’s writings will have emotional Cancer’s stuck in their feelings. Maternal and loyal, people under this sign will be attracted to the way insta poet Kiana weaves her phrases about love together.

Leo: @atticuspoetry

You exude a confident, regal, and proud attitude even when you aren’t trying to! You need to follow a feed that creates art in an almost casual way. You love love, and crave the emotion with a high intensity. Scroll through insta poet, Atticus’s feed. His short micro poems always start and end with a bang. They deal with themes of love so they are perfect for you lion!

Virgo: @alison.malee

The gears within the mind of a Virgo are always turning, always spinning. You are analytical and are patient with others. You always try to be a shoulder for someone to vent on whenever they need to. The colorful, flowery feed of Alison Malee’s account emphasis on the quiet moments of love that you adore to share with those around you.


Libra: @harpreet.m.dayal

This sign loves to talk and are selfless in their personality. They are happy when there is peace and balance in whatever aspect of their life they are focusing on. Harpreet is simple and aesthically pleasing poetry feed at the end of a long day.

Scorpio: @marquita.rae

Scorpio you are broody, secretive, but with a soft heart. This insta poet will make you feel like it is ripped straight of your diary.

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Sagittarius: @mazadohta

This sign is clever and quick witted. People born under Sagittarius love to travel, explore and discover their inner creativity. They love having freedom, both mental and physical and are happiest when they feel completely independent. Pavana Reddy’s instagram feed is just that, learning to embrace your inner self and take the best risks!


Capricorn: @r.m.drake

Capricorns are always striving for higher success. They take their goals seriously and keep their feelings close to their chests. With over 1.8 million followers, insta poet @r.m.drake provides motivational and inspirational poems for those moments of much needed clarity.

Aquarius: @nikita_gil

You are an eccentric, one of a kind being Aquarius! English poet Nikita Gil is right up your alley. She writes about everything and anything through an introspective, focused lens. Nikita writes about real life events through whimsical, ethereal phrases. Her book, Fierce Fairy Tales is due to be released in September 2018.

Pisces: @k.towne.jr

Since you are the daydream sign and love creativity, an insta poet you should check out is use ! His poetry is rhythmic, intense and always sprinkled with an artistic flair. He writes a lot of his insta poetry from a distinct fairy tale angle which you should love Pisces!   



Do you think your insta poet was accurate based off your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments below!

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