What Happens When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Boyfriend

Mariah and BF

Taking the leap from “just friends” to actually being in a relationship is well, scary. You never know what might happen, or if the risk of losing him as a friend is even worth making him your boyfriend. But, for me it was, and always will be.

When your best friend becomes your boyfriend


“HT” and I had been friends for years. We shared classes, friends and memories for a long, long time and we grew to know everything about each other. I knew that his favorite color was red, he had two little brothers, that he might go MIA for a couple of hours to beat the newest video game, that his mom had the loudest (and scariest) “mommy” voice I had ever heard (With three boys in the house, how could she not?), and that the next time I saw him he would probably have a new story about the trouble he had gotten recently  into with Hawk, his best guy friend.

Best friend becomes your boyfriend


At the same time, he knew that I was adopted, had a massive family, and a sweet tooth so demanding that I keep cupcakes on standby. He also knew and accepted that at times I am a massive homebody and could be lost for days in a good book, or in the very next moment could be itching to move and be in New York by morning. We knew each other. But all the knowledge in the world wouldn’t have ever prepared us for getting to know one another as boyfriend and girlfriend.


1. I had to accept he is not a mind reader.

Admittedly, I am being the typical girl here. He should always know when I am mad, sad, or happy and he should always know that when I say “it’s nothing” that it will always be something. But, he is not a mind reader, and probably won’t ever be (no matter what I may believe).

holding hands 2


2. He will always be on my side.

If I am up against the biggest toughest bully in the school, a huge move or job promotion, or even when I am just fighting with my mom, he will always side with me. He is my boyfriend and my best friend so not only for the same of argument does he think I’m right, but he will defend me too. I may not even have any reason to be mad or upset, but in his eyes I am right and that is all that matters.

always right


3. “Hanging Out” is now Date Night.

As best friends you get pretty used to being able to just “hang out”. You can watch movies and go out and have a great time. In a relationship, it’s a little different. You can still hang out and watch movies and have a great time, but now you’re holding hands and kissing and having a great time. It’s new, but it’s so wonderfully charged it makes everything crystal clear. When your hand touches his (even though it has done that exact thing thousands of times before), you feel tingles from your fingertips directly to your heart. You have moments that you just can’t help but smile because everything about this is just wonderful.


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4. His parents are yours too.

Best friends share parents. That’s a well-known fact. There is no line of division once you gain the title of “best friend”. When you cross over the best friend line to the significant other line, you enter new territory. Since we began dating, his mom wants to be my best friend. She wants to know that her 6’3 baby boy is in good hands with me. Not only that, but she wants to love on me not only as a daughter but as a future daughter-in-law. Along with my mother, she has given me wisdom and advice beyond belief. Her scary “mommy voice” has been softened to teach me all about love and how to allow myself to be loved. In the past six months, out of my relationship with my best friend, I gained a boyfriend, and a friendship with his mom.


good mom


5. You will never again be loved the way he loves you.

A best friend loves you and will always love you. They tell you when you’re wrong/right/and look goofy. A best friend will fight with you and laugh with you and go through hell and back for you. When your best friend turns out to be your boyfriend, he do all that while worshiping the ground you walk on, adoring every move you make and getting excited about what the future holds not only for you, but for both of you as a couple. He will love you and teach you how to let him love you. He will crave your smile and your touch and praise you for all the little things. He will love you like no other.


A friend’s love is true and genuine, and they will love you like no other. That is especially true when your best friend becomes your boyfriend. You will learn things about them and yourself that you thought you already knew. You will feel things that you never thought possible. And you will gain new friends and have new opportunities presented to you that you never dreamt of before. Just forget the risk, take the fall, if it’s meant to be it’s worth it all.

Mariah and BF