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What Happens At University of South Carolina Freshman Orientation

What Happens At University of South Carolina Freshman Orientation

University of South Carolina freshman orientation is a drag. Find out these University of South Carolina freshman orientation tips to survive.

Freshman orientation…you’re excited for a new chapter in your life.  You’re excited to see your home for the next 4 years.  You’re hoping to make friends.  But do you REALLY know what it will be like? Here’s what University of South Carolina freshman orientation is like:

It is HOT

Columbia heat is horrible.  You will inevitably be dripping sweat within the first few minutes of dragging your suitcase out of the car.

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Day one is long

Your bags need to be secured into a room with your name attached, then you exit and find building names you didn’t know existed just to grab name tags, immunization forms, and dorm keys.  Finding the dorm was fun…NOT.  How the hell am I supposed to know where ‘McKissick” is?!  You don’t.  That’s the fun part; getting lost.  But it’s okay, because everyone else is lost also.  Day one begins early in the morning and doesn’t end until 12 AM!  Then you get to retrieve your bags and go to your dorm room with a random person you’ve never met!  Good luck sleeping on the godawful bed with the pancake pillow  (BTW bring a pillow).

Day two is even worse

You want to be done with this more than yesterday.  You’re tired of this hot campus.  You wake up just a few feet away from your random roommate and begin to get ready.  Good luck trying to share the mirror that’s 2 feet wide!  Luckily, my roommate was super sweet and didn’t mind my snoring.  Once you get ready for the 2nd day of hell you drag your heavy suitcase out of your dorm just to leave it in another random room.  The the real fun starts!  MORE WALKING!  Day 2 ends at 5 PM though, so it’s not AS bad at day 1.  Once it’s over, you want to sleep, eat, and hydrate since you’ve walked 587 miles in the past 2 days.

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Your legs and feet may fall off

If you’re a relatively active person, you may survive the agonizing walks.  However, if you’re anything like me, you might die.  Considering I also had a severe sinus infection probably made it worse, but it still sucked.  Always have a cold bottle of water…or 5.  Almost passed out a few times and almost puked but I’m okay now.

Get ready to be a GAMECOCK

School spirit here is insane.  It’s fun and slightly annoying at times but it’s mostly a good time.  Orientation isn’t all bad.  You learn a good bit and you meet some friends who you will never talk to again.  Especially the friend that tried to lure you to the top of your dorm to get high…  But get ready for the best 4 years of your life and get ready to be at the best damn school! University of South Carolina freshman orientation will totally be worth it.



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