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What Happened At My Very First Sex Toy Party

What Happened At My Very First Sex Toy Party

A sex toy party is certainly an interesting experience. Here is what my first time going to a sex toy party was like for me!

For about six years now my best friend Bethany’s mother has been working sales for Athena’s Home Novelties. I have been invited to multiple sex toy parties before, but with the way life works I have never had the time to make one. This past fall I finally was able to make the trip to Rhode Island to one Beth was hosting.


My first sex toy party started at 4 in the afternoon, but having not seen Bethany in a year I got there at noon so I could spend the afternoon with her and help her get her apartment ready. We made sure her bedroom was cleared so when people were ready to make their purchases they could have their privacy. Usually these sort of parties have some sort of theme. Like a lingerie party or a bridal theme, but since my girl was balling on a budget we decorated her place with blue and green. Pairs of blue balloons hung all about the room as our symbolic “blue balls” for the evening. I think the funniest gem of the evening was our treat table. We had a beautiful penis carrot cake that when cut oozed white frosting, cupcakes with various sized penises on top, carrots and tomatoes to dip in ranch dressing, and finally a giant ice penis as our centerpiece.

What Happened At My Very First Sex Toy Party

Let The Games Begin

As the girls arrived Lisa, Bethany’s mother, laid out all her toys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dildos and vibrators in a room together at once. First we were given our booklets full of possible items to purchase as well as name tags. We all were to pick our porn star name and be refereed to that for the rest of the evening. The one catch for picking our names was they had to have the start with the same letter of our name. The ladies had chosen all sorts of names that were even more hilarious than the next. Such as Ass-tastic Alyssa, Bang Me Baby Bethany, I myself chose Jizzy Jessica, and a very pregnant Danielle chose Doggy Style Danielle. Which she assured us was the very position that caused her to become pregnant in the first place. Once we were all acquainted and had our drinks in hand Lisa began to go through her toys, lotions, and other fun items that were within our reach this evening. The one that suck out the most was called the “Glowing Recommendation.”

What Happened At My Very First Sex Toy Party

This bad boy was the source of so many laughs throughout the party. Most of which when Lisa began demonstrating its many uses. Do not worry, she remained clothed the entire time. She stuck it to the floor and the chair letting us know that we can use to practice our lap dancing or to give ourselves a little bit of more motivation when doing our squats. We could even stick it on the wall of the shower if we liked, though I thought if shower sex was difficult enough I didn’t think fooling around with a dildo would be any easier. Even though this little blue guy was the subject of mischief most of the girls innocently held it in their hands as if it were a security blanket because of the soft, squishy texture. The night started off with dildos, lotions, and bachelorette joke items. Things began to escalate quite rapidity when Lisa asked for a volunteer and since this was first party Bethany demanded that volunteer be me.

Get On Your Knees

I should’ve known there was more to a sex toy party than just drinking and watching how rapidly the vibrators rattled on the table. Without allowing me to protest much Bethany demanded I stand up with her mother without knowing at all what I was standing up for. As soon as I stood beside her she pulled out a blindfold for me to wear and my heart instantly started pounding. While it wasn’t my first time having on said item it was the first time I was wearing it in a room full of women not knowing what was going to be done to me.

What Happened At My Very First Sex Toy Party

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Once the blindfold was tied Lisa promptly asked me to get on my knees. Not because of what was about to happen, but because I am fairly tall for a girl at 5’9″ and Lisa stands at a strong 5 feet tall, 5’1″ if she stands up nice and straight. When I am on my knees the first thing I hear Lisa say is, “Now first we have some lovely chained nipple clamps.” I instantly shout, “No, not my nipples! I don’t disrespect them like that.” She told me to relax because she was just going to clip them onto my shirt.

Never the less you can’t just yell that you have nipple clamps while someone is blindfolded. After the nipple clamps were firmly attached to my shirt I then proceeded to be handcuffed and put into all sorts of harnesses that I never thought my best friend’s mother would put on me. I don’t think my cheeks had ever been redder from embarrassed or that I have laughed so hard. As soon as all the grips and gadgets had been removed from me it was finally time to buy all the toys we wanted.

Time To Go Shopping

When it was my turn to head into the bedroom I new exactly what I wanted. First on my list was a card game called “Who Is The Biggest Slut?” It is the perfect card game for any kind of girl party. It is chop full of wonderful questions like, “have you ever had sex with an amputee?” or “have you even been donkey punched?” Oh, that is one fun fact I did learn that evening. A donkey punch is the sexual act of when a lady is being pounded from behind and the guy will punch her in the back of her head. Yeah, fun stuff. I also bought a bottle of lubricant and a cock ring so I can have a bit of my own fun with my boyfriend.

I couldn’t believe the fun I had this night. I got so much more than what I bargained for, but I had an amazing time with my friends and even made some new ones. If you want to have your own sex toy party you should search¬†Athena’s by Lady Leese Goddess #5857 on Facebook. It is Lisa’s page for her shop and she is the best at her job when it comes to finding you the perfect toy to get you off.

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