What Hair Trend you Should Try Based on Your Zodiac

Zodiac signs are a cool way to express and explain your personality, but they can also be used to help inspire your look. Matching your next big hair trend change with your zodiac sign is a great way for people to connect your look to your personality. It’s always a good time to do something new to your hair but matching your hair trend to your sign will help people see your personality on the outside right away. Hair trends are super fun to follow, so here are some of the coolest hair trends that are perfect for you based on your sign!

1. Aries

Aries are very bold people, so they need the perfect hair trend to match it. Adding some colored money pieces around the face is the perfect way to follow a hair trend and spice up your look. The streaks will be the first thing people see and they will know right away that you mean business! Everyone is trying this hair trend right now.

What Hair Trend you Should Try Based on Your Zodiac


2. Taurus

The perfect hair trend for Taurus is rainbow hair. Taurus are really warm and loving people and the rainbow hair trend is a good way to show that off. The world needs to know how kind a Taurus is and the rainbow hair trend will shout positivity from your head. There are so many types of rainbow hair trends to try, so a Taurus can get creative with this hair trend.

Rainbow hair

3. Gemini

Gemini are often very youthful and lively. Extensions are a really popular hair trend right now will help create that whimsical carefree look. Adding length will make any Gemini look like they’re the main character in their own adventure. This hair trend will make you look like just got off a beach and are totally relaxed. Extensions are a hair trend must for a Gemini.



4. Cancer

The pastel pink hair trend is the perfect hair trend for a Cancer to try. Cancer are loving and imaginative and this hair trend shows that off perfectly. Pastel pink is a sweet and soft color that will complement the best parts of a Cancer’s personality. It is super cute and calming, which is perfect for a Cancer! This hair trend will add a cute flair to a Cancer’s style.

Pastel pink hair


5. Leo

Space buns are the best hair trend to complement a Leo’s personality. Leo are very creative and enthusiastic just like the space buns hair trend. Space buns are adorable and will add a fun twist to a regular style that will help show off your innovative side. Not to mention this hair trend is super easy to do and there a ton of different types of bun for any creative Leo to try.

What Hair Trend you Should Try Based on Your Zodiac

6. Virgo

Virgo are usually very practical people and bangs are a very practical hair trend they can try. Bangs are a great way to create a modest and reserved look, but they’re still a really stylish hair trend. Bangs are a unique hair trend to spice up any hairdo without doing anything too wild or damaging to the hair. They will help you look more styled and professional with the added bonus of looking super cute and trendy. This hair trend is super cool.



7. Libra

Libra are very easygoing and social people, so their hair trend needs to be something a little understated, but still unique and popular hair trend. The hidden rainbow hair trend is an exciting twist on the regular rainbow how trend. A solid color on top of the hair with peek-a-boo rainbow underneath is a cool way to show off your social side without being too showy. The hidden rainbow is a cool and fun hair trend surprise without being too daring or crazy. This hair trend is awesome for Libras.

Hidden rainbow hair


8. Scorpio

A Scorpio needs a hair trend to match their loud personality. Scorpio are usually very powerful and passionate, so they need a loud hair trend to match that dynamic. Split down the middle color is a really cool hair trend you can try to express your confidence and let the world see you as a total boss girl! This hair trend can use any color and there are tons of different colors to chose from, so the possibilities are endless with this hair trend.

Split color hair

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9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius are optimistic, but also straightforward. The platinum hair trend is really trendy and cool, but can still look like natural hair. It is a cool hair trend to completely change your look without adding any crazy colors to your head. If you’re looking to spice up your look, but want to stay away from anything too bold, this hair trend is perfect for you.

Platinum hair

10. Capricorn

Capricorn are reserved and ambitious people. A big chop is by far the easiest hair trend to change your hair and it is still very practical. A shoulder length bob will add some serious style to your look without being a huge commitment. It is a very practical hair trend and will grow out super healthy. It is a cute hair trend.


Shoulder length bob

11. Aquarius

Aquarius are incredibly independent and unpredictable, so they need a bold hair trend. Aquarius want to stand out from everyone else and be different in every way possible, so their hair trend has to stand out in a crowd. Neon hair is the best hair trend to shock everyone and show off how your unique you are. It is really out there and bold, so it is perfect for any Aquarius. 

Neon green hair


12. Pisces

Pieces are imaginative and sympathetic. Following the fire hair trend is a good way for any visionary Pisces to express the fire they have inside of them. This hair trend is a reimagined version of the traditional red color and this will be perfect for a Pisces to show off their creativity.

Fire hair trend

13. Which hair trend are you going to try?

We love these hair trends! Which zodiac sign are you?  Let us know if you tried any of these hair trends.