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What Foundation Suits You

Are you struggling to find a foundation that works with your skin type? This guide will help you not only discover your skin type, but give you options with various price ranges to find what is your perfect match. 

What Is Your Skin Type?

One of the easiest ways to find out your skin type it to apply a blotting paper to different sections of your face. Analyze how much oil is on the sheet. The oiler the sheet, the oiler your skin is. If there is no oil you likely have dry skin. If only parts of your face have oil, you have combination skin. 

Oily Skin

If your skin tends to be more of a shiny appearance and your pores are visible, you have oily skin. 

Drugstore Foundation: Maybelline SuperStay Long-Lasting Liquid Foundation

If you are looking for a foundation that is full coverage but still feels light on the skin and will last all day, this is for you. It is sweat and transfer proof, which is perfect for oily skin because you do not need to spend the day blotting your skin. It is $12.99, so it is a great alternative compared to some pricer foundations.

High-End Foundation: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

If you have oily skin and are looking to splurge, this medium to full coverage foundation is for you. It is worth every penny. After application, it still looks the exact same hours later, which means you can go out with your friends and dance without worrying about running to the bathroom. There is also an exceptional shade range, so everyone can find their perfect match. It is priced at $39, but you will not be disappointed.

Combination Skin

If parts of your face tend to produce more oil than the rest of your face, you have combination skin.

Drugstore Foundation: L’oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation

This foundation is a go-to for combination skin because it’s medium to full coverage, but still is lightweight and breathable. It is also formulated with SPF 25, which is always a plus. Applying smaller amounts will give you a more natural look, but building it up can give more of a glam look. It is also waterproof and sweat and transfer resistant, which works out for the t-zone but also if you want to wear this by the pool. It is priced at $15.99, which is a steal for this quality.

High-End Foundation: Too Faced Born This Way Undetectable Medium-to-Full Coverage Foundation

This foundation has been a fan favorite, for a reason. This foundation is hydrating and oil-free, which is amazing for combination skin. It has more of a natural finish, so there is no worries about whether it’s going to blend out correctly or not. This long wearing formula can be used while running around campus or a day in the office. It is priced at $45.

Dry Skin

If your skin tends to be more flaky or lacks hydration, you have dry skin. 

Drugstore Foundation: L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

This foundation will have a hydrating glow on your skin all day and will look flawless on your dry skin. It is medium coverage, so it will hide your imperfections but still look like skin. There is spf 15, and we can always have a nice boost to our skincare routine. It is up to 24hr wear, so if you are someone who doesn’t want to touch up their makeup this is for you. It is priced at only $3.24 on Ulta right now, so there is no excuse not to try it. It is regularly priced at $6.49.

High-End Foundation: Clinique Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup Foundation

This is your dry skin dream. It helps smooth and plump skin, giving a youthful look. It is oil-free and won’t clog pores. It is full coverage and lasts 24hr. This natural finish will make your skin look beautiful. It does not emphasize any flakiness or texture on the skin. It is made without fragrance or parabens, so you can feel comfortable applying it on your face. It is priced at $36.

Normal Skin

This skin type is neither too dry or oily, it has a regular texture and no imperfections. 

Drugstore Foundation: Elf Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

This foundation is amazing for normal skin because it is a semi-matte finish with buildable coverage. It is oil-free and contains glycerin, which hydrates the skin. It lasts all day without feeling heavy on the skin. It is easy to blend into the skin and is beginner friendly. It is a great option if you are trying to find a new foundation to try. Priced a $6, it is hard to beat. 

High-end Foundation: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation

This hybrid skincare foundation is a must for normal skin. It hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling fresh. It is long-lasting and full coverage. It is matte without having a drying appearance. It is sweat proof and waterproof. No matter the season or weather, this is a go-to. This dependable foundation is easy to pack for vacation or going to college. It is lightweight and comfortable. It is priced at $46.

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Sensitive Skin

This skin type has a heightened sensitivity to stressors, which can cause redness or itching. 


Drugstore Foundation: Neutrogena Hydro Boosting Tint Foundation

This foundation is oil-free and non-comedogenic, so there is no worry about it clogging your pores. It is hydrating and plumps the skin. It being a tint means it has lighter coverage compared to other formulas, but it is more breathable. It also improves your skin over time, which is a huge plus. This is the key to flawless everyday makeup. 


High-end Foundation: Dermablend Flawless Creator Liquid Foundation Drops

It has buildable full coverage that is made to cover rosacea, acne, etc. It is water and oil free and can be used on its own or blended with another foundation. There is no fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc. It is also recommended #1 by dermatologists. You can still have that full glam look without the worry of irritation.

Comment below what foundation you will be trying! What is your skin type? 

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