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What Fitness Apps are Worth the Hype

People always try to get into shape, especially as we enjoy the summer months. People are always willing to try new and different fitness apps. Unfortunately, sometimes these fitness apps miss the mark, and people spend money on a subscription they don’t enjoy or ever use. These fitness apps will ensure that you stay motivated and get the great workout you want.

1. Peloton

I am sure by now. Everyone is aware and familiar with Peloton. Whether that be because they are members, witnessed the viral Christmas commercial, or watched the Sex and the City reboot. Most people probably associate the brand with their spin bike or treadmill. These machines are fantastic equipment to have in your home, but they are not necessary to have a fantastic workout. Peloton also has an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone, iPad, television, or log into your account on your computer! They have a ton of class verity! For you cardio junkies, they offer spin, running, walking, boxing, and HIIT classes. For these cardio classes, you do not need to take them using their equipment. The instructors give universal ques using RPM, regular speeds, and incline statics.
The Peloton fitness app has many options for those who enjoy toning their bodies and doing strength again, including barre, Pilates, and strength classes. These classes are challenging and fun! You will need equipment if you want to take some of their strength classes, but you can find bodyweight classes. For those who like to be outside but may not have the motivation or inspiring playlist, the Peloton fitness app also offers an outdoor option that includes audio for walks, runs, or walk-runs. For those of us who might need to recover our bodies or take it slow, they also offer various stretching classes and yoga. Perfect addition to the end of your workout or to implement on your recovery days. These classes are also excellent because when you are about halfway through the class, they will let you know if you need to turn around if you are doing a there and back workout. There are plenty of classes to choose from and a diverse number of talented instructors. This will allow you to find instructors that truly motivate you, ensuring that you stay on track with your fitness goals. Some classes can be as short as 5 minutes long to 90-minute classes! Truly unique and also encourages you to stay on track even if you only do a 5-minute workout. It truly eliminates excuses. The Peloton fitness app is worth the hype. I highly recommend it to people who like to try a variety of workouts because it genuinely has something for everyone!

2. Sweat App

The Sweat app is a fantastic fitness app that mainly targets women. With this fitness app, you can choose your training based on several things: do you like to workout at home or in a gym, what are your goals, what are you looking for in an activity, skill level, and more. From there, the app will recommend a different female trainer that will help you best meet your needs and goals. These are options for beginners, people interested in boxing, HIIT training, strength training, Pilates, barre, and even programs that combine HIIT and strength training. I think something that separates this app from other fitness apps is that it is constantly evolving and improving. It also encourages active recovery days and rest days which I love. It also gives you the option every Monday to create your schedule to work out for the week. The fitness app also includes a meal plan if you choose to participate. The Sweat app has two challenges that happen a year. Both are six weeks long and take place in January and June, which help everyone stay accountable and get back on track with their goals if need be. I highly recommend this fitness app as it always tries to challenge me to do my best!

3. Melissa Wood Health

This fitness app has a library of over 300 workouts to choose from! This fitness app’s focus is to tone and sculpt your body. I would say that her workout is a combo of Pilates, barre, and yoga. They are low-impact movements that are highly effective and will have you waking up the next day sore. It truly is a mind, body, soul-focused fitness app that focuses on mindfulness and meditation. Her workouts are not crazy long either she has workouts that are 10 to 40 minutes long and everything in between. It is also worth the subscription if you have minimal equipment because her workouts require little to no equipment. She even has programs for prenatal and postnatal women, beginners, and people who want to be challenged! I would say that Melissa Wood Health is a great fitness app that will have you toned and sore in no time!

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4. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is one of the best fitness apps that deserves all the hype. Again this app offers both at-home and gym-friendly workouts that allow you to pick and choose based on the equipment that you have. They provide different exercises, from stretching to guided runs and strength classes. The Nike Training Club also has a bunch of other trainers to choose from, and they all have their specialty, including yoga, boot camps, and core classes. Most recently, they have started a Megan Thee Stallion program that she is a part of and take the classes with you. They also have a nutrition feature that gives nutrition tips. This fitness app also allows you to schedule your workout, which will help you stay accountable. The best part of this fitness app is that they have a ton of FREE content, which makes it earn all of the hype with its variety of FREE content!

I believe the previously listed workout apps are some of the best on the market and deserve the hype for various reasons!

Camilla Berckemeyer

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