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What Face Mask Are You Based On Your Zodiac

What Face Mask Are You Based On Your Zodiac


In today’s day and age, wearing a face mask is a mandatory must. No, if and’s or but’s if I see someone outside, I expect them to be wearing a face mask to protect themselves and others from Covid-19. But even so, it’s hard to deny that the vast majority of the population aren’t used to wearing masks in the first place. In my opinion, it’s best to think of it as a new fashion accessory that you can’t leave the house without, like your purse, wallet, or shoes—worn over both your mouth and nose. So, here’s a helpful guide to know what face mask is the right one for you, according to your zodiac.

Aries Cats

With your playful yet mischievous behavior, an adequately made face mask with cute little cats all over would be perfect for any Aries. Face masks such as these can be purchased on amazing, Etsy, or made yourself. Just be sure that you wear it correctly, or those cute little kitties will look all squished and miserable. And if you can’t see your smile, you should be able to see some happy cats brighten up your day and the day of others.


Taurus Botanicals

This summer, everyone is dreaming of the outside. And while it’s shaping up like we won’t have that for some time, what’s better than having a garden of flowers onto your face to exude that sweet feeling of summer when you’re out and about, even if it may not come this year. Keep yourself and others safe while still being in touch with your affinity towards the sunshine and flowers. You could even spray a bit of perfume on the inside of your face mask. This could be to proverbially stop and smell the flowers when things all become just a bit too much.

Gemini Geometric

With a need for order and structure in these uncertain times, look no further than a rigid and well thought out geometric pattern for the uncertain Gemini. Not only will it remind you that everything in life will someday go back to its orderly ways, but it will also give you a sense of greater security behind your face mask. Many Geminis are going through a particularly hard time right now, so even some semblance of order will provide an enormous amount of safety and comfort.


Cancer Tie-dye

For the chaotic and turbulent cancer, tie-dye is the way to go. Making a statement never felt so right, and this face mask will undoubtedly be the boldness you need in your new line of fashion accessories that helps keep you safe this weird and many times messy season. So embrace your colorful and bright optimistic side and dive into the tie-dye trend of face masks.  Just remember in all that chaos to still keep yourself safe.


Leo Ombre

The events of this year have blindsided many of the strong and steady Leos. And that is perfectly reasonable! A gentle and soothing ombre, preferably in a pastel blue or red clay color, will do well to soothe the tensions that the gentle lions of our zodiac are feeling right now. It’s essential that you feel safe and comfortable not just in the body, but also mentally. So if you can pick up an ombre face mask to relieve a few of those worries and stressors.

Virgo Neutral tones

For the anxiety-ridden Virgo, a neutral or cool-toned face mask color is recommended in these certainly uncertain times. A color that will remind yourself to stay grounded and not go flying off into the spiral of worries that plagues your mind during these current events will do well for you. Not only to help keep yourself and others safe, but to put your account at ease that it’s going to somehow all be okay. Just remember that it’s okay to take a moment to ground yourself, and you will feel only a bit better.


Libra Symmetric Designs

With everything feeling out of balance, the Libras in our life are certainly feeling hit pretty hard emotionally. With a desire for everything in balance and as much control over situations as possible, you need to protect yourself, not only from the physical world but keep yourself emotionally guarded as well. This small reminder than things will come to balance will keep you healthier on a day to day basis and will strengthen your emotional resolve. Just remember, it won’t be like this forever, and things will change.


Scorpio Polka Dots

Feeling scatterbrained and confused during all of this is to be expected of the Scorpio. It’s alright to feel at a loss of where to go, and unsure of what to do. So, when you leave the house, be sure to protect yourself with something that keeps you grounded, while also reminding yourself to look on the bright side of things. Polka dots are the perfect pattern for a Scorpio right now. Not only is it a repeated pattern that allows for a bit of playful fun, but the design also keeps your popular personality in mind coming in a wide variety of colors.

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Sagittarius Feathers

Many people nowadays wish that they could fly away from these troubles. And although it’s not as easy as that, the image of feathers can at least provide a bit of comfort to the emotional asylum-seeking Sagittarius. Not only that, but a small spray of perfume that smells of fresh linen or cotton would be the perfect boost to your day to day activities. Not only does it evoke images of a safe and soft downy exterior, but many associate cotton and linen with fresh and lively outdoors, perfect for if you can’t getaway.

Capricorn Fruit

It’s hard to remember the sweet things in life when everything feels so bitter. So having a small bit of joyful playfulness on your face will provide the glum and downtrodden Capricorn in your life with not only a smile on their face but also a feeling of much-needed comfort. Also, if you get the chance, you can put a little tutti-fruity scent in the lining of your face mask to make it seem like you are on a tropical island getaway, even if that’s not quite the case right now.


Aquarius Ocean Waves

Don’t we all wish that we could go to the beach and forget our troubles for a little while? Well, no one is feeling those beach blues more than the solemn Aquarius. So try to suplex those thoughts of doom and gloom and instead buy yourself a face mask that has some ocean or beach theme. Any water related style of face mask will do to make you feel a bit more in that summer, loving mood! Perhaps you could even put a bit of your beach themes perfume inside to make things seem extratropical.


Pisces Bubbles

Oh Pieces, you’re feeling more like a fish out of water than ever before? It’s understandable too, everything around you seemed to be just inundating from every angle. You feel like you need a bit of that carefreeness back into your life right about now. Well, look no further than bubbles face masks. This playful and innocent design is sure to bring back a sense of much-needed optimism during these weird times.