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What Exactly To Expect At Experience Temple Day

What Exactly To Expect At Experience Temple Day

What Exactly To Expect At Experience Temple Day

Congratulations on being accepted to Temple University! After getting your acceptance letter, you’ve most likely received an email or letter from the university inviting you and your family to Experience Temple Day. But what exactly is Experience Temple Day and what do you do while there? Keep reading to find out!

1. Registration And The Opening Meetings!

Your day will kick off at 9 a.m. with registration at Mitten Hall. Try to get there a little early though so you can get a good seat for the opening meetings at the Temple Performing Arts Center! These meetings include a welcome from the university’s president, a greeting from the Owl Ambassadors, and information about academics, especially about academic expectations and resources for students. It doesn’t hurt to bring a notebook to take notes on anything you find important or helpful!

2. Pick Your Session!

After the large group presentations, you and your family will get to choose what other sessions you want to attend. These special interest sessions include housing, financial aid, study abroad opportunities, orientation, and so on. There are even sessions specifically for parents that allow them to ask any questions they have to Temple administrators, alumni, or parents of current students. This can also help ease your parents’ minds if they are a little uncomfortable about you moving far away from them or into a big city.


3. Take A Tour!

Whatever you do, make sure to take a tour during Experience Temple Day! You’ll get to see all parts of campus, including the Tech Center and one of the dorm buildings. The tours are led by Owl Ambassadors who are current students at Temple. They know the ins and outs of campus and are likely to share important and helpful tips with you. It’s also great to see what campus is really like with hundreds of kids going about their day, but watch out for the squirrels! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Ask on your Owl Ambassador while touring campus!

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4. Finish Off With Lunch!

Your day will conclude around 3 p.m. with lunch at Johnson and Hardwick Hall. Since classes are still in session during Experience Temple Day, the dining area can be a little hectic. However, it’s a great chance to experience the commons when they’re filled with students and to try some of the food offered to Temple students, even if many students swear it’s the worst dining option available. I’ve personally heard the pasta is a great option, though!

Are you excited for Experience Temple Day? Let us know in the comments!

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