What Exactly Happens When You Rush A Fraternity At Johnson and Wales University

One of the important decisions every incoming college student has to make is whether they’re going to join a fraternity or sorority. The term “Greek life”,  many people will stereotype “Greek life” from movies but the reality is quite different. This is what exactly happens when you rush a fraternity at Johnson and Wales University.

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Members are expected to take part in chapter activities, pay their dues and possibly maintain a high GPA.

While these are added responsibilities, most find the rewards of joining a fraternity well worth it.

If you join a fraternity, expect certain responsibilities.

It’s not as movies are showing party every weekend – but do not get wrong we do party, following the right guidelines and acting like gentlemen.

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Greek life comes with awesome benefits beside long time brotherhood/sisterhood.

  • Companionship and lifelong friendships. The common bond of membership forms a brotherhood of students with shared interests and goals and usually leads to very close friendships that often last a lifetime.
  • Social Opportunities. Sorority and fraternity members are expected to help plan and take part in different types of activities ranging from dances and parties to charitable events.
  • Academic achievement. Academics are usually a major focus of Greek organizations and members have access to tutoring help and valuable advice from upperclassmen in the group. Studies have shown that members of fraternal organizations have a significantly higher rate of graduation.
  • Opportunities for leadership. Those who join a fraternity can learn important leadership skills by participating in chapter governance and organizing activities.
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