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What Exactly Happens During USD Sorority Recruitment

What Exactly Happens During USD Sorority Recruitment

What Exactly Happens During USD Sorority Recruitment

It’s that time of year again . . . the end of Winter Break and USD sorority recruitment! Here’s a day-by-day guide so you know exactly what happens  during formal recruitment at the University of San Diego and how to survive it.

Quick Tips and Terms:

  • PNMs: Potential New Members
  • Sigma Rho Chi: an active sorority woman who will be assisting each PNM as they navigate through the recruitment process. Sigma Rho Chi’s will reveal their chapter affiliation to their PNMs on Bid Day so they won’t affect PNMs decisions.
  • Each day  of USD sorority recruitment will be long and exhausting, that said, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Get enough sleep each night and make sure you are eating during breaks. Breaks will vary depending on your schedule, but everyone will get an hour lunch break and an hour dinner break. Try to avoid lines and bring your own lunch or snacks too.
  • Arrive at each event 15 minutes early. You’ll be required to attend all your events each day because it is important to keep your options open and visit each chapter that is interested in you. You will not be able to take ANYTHING into any events. Sigma Ro Chi’s will be assigned to each event to line you up alphabetically and then watch your things while you are inside.

Before USD Sorority Recruitment

Make sure to sign up for recruitment online, the deadline will be posted by November. Next, make sure you sign up for housing for the break. Get all of your Instagram stalking out of the way now, just because a chapter “looks” a certain way online, doesn’t mean that’s how they truly are. Be prepared to put all your prejudices aside to put your best foot forward when meeting each chapter. The last big thing is to make sure you’re ready to be yourself, but that’s the easiest part!



Day One: Values Day

One of the best ways to survive USD sorority recruitment is by keeping an open mind. On the first day, you will visit all nine of USD’s chapters and learn about each of their backgrounds: what they stand for, their values, what is important to them, etc. (PRO-TIP: take notes on your phone after each event to help you remember things that stood out about each chapter). The two multi-cultural sororities (Alpha Pi Sigma and Sigma Theta Psi) will only participate in day one of recruitment. You’ll travel to each event with your assigned Sigma Rho Chi group, and spend 30 minutes meeting each sorority. At the end of the day you’ll meet individually with your Sigma Rho Chi at the end of the day to pick six sororities you’re interested in returning to.




Day Two: Philanthropy Day

Each sorority dedicates their time, effort, and passion to a specific philanthropic cause. Today’s the day to really dig deep and try to connect with a philanthropy cause that resonates with you and that you would be honored to support. Your Sigma Rho Chi will give you your personal schedule at the very beginning of the day which will detail the times and places of each event you are to attend. This will be a long day . . . each event will be 45 minutes long but don’t worry, just pretend like you’re catching up with an old friend and you’ll have plenty to talk about. At the end of your events you’ll meet with your Sigma Rho Chi again and pick four sororities you would be interested in returning to.


Day 3: Sisterhood Day

This day seems to be a fan favorite: it is dedicated to learning about the friendships formed in each and every chapter. You’ll hear about the fun filled events while establishing your own connections with your potential sisters. The events will be an hour long this day, so really focus on talking about memorable or meaningful things to make you stand out. Once again, at the beginning of the day you’ll meet up with your Sigma Rho Chi to receive your personalized schedule and at the end of the day you’ll select two preferred chapters you would like to return to.




Day 4: Preference Night

Tonight might seem a little scary, but trust us on this one- the sorority girls are more nervous than you. This is one of the most important event of USD sorority recruitment . First things first: meet with your Sigma Rho Chi for the last time before bid day to get your schedule. Tonight you’ll get to see a little piece of each chapter’s ritual, and get a chance to follow up with some girls you’ve met throughout the week. Tonight is a special night, the girls really want to connect with you on a deeper level. Don’t worry about them not liking you, you’ve already made a great first impression, they’ve continued to invite you back haven’t they? Focus on being your true self and finding the right place for you, after all this isn’t just a commitment for college, it’s a commitment for life. After your events you’ll head straight to list your preferences and sign the official Preference card.

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Day 5: Bid Day

Today is arguably one of the best days of your life. Dress in shorts, jeans or leggings, a light tank top, and a jacket just in case, you’ll receive a t-shirt from your new chapter at the event. You’ll spend the rest of the day doing activities with your new sisters. You’ll be fed but also will meet tons of new girls that all want to get to know you, you’ll to pose for hundreds of pictures and give  the most hugs you’ve ever given, all in the span of  a few hours.



Congratulations ladies, and welcome to the start of the next chapter in your life, as a sorority woman!


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