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What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University of North Dakota

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University of North Dakota

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University of North Dakota

Sorority rushing is the closest thing to online dating you can get to without actually having to go on awkward first dates. Rushing for sorority recruitment at the University of North Dakota, I can imagine, is pretty similar to every other Greek campus in the nation. One difference is that we only have seven sororities, so recruitment is not too overwhelming, where as some larger campuses have over 15! This being said, rush; try it out!! You will be surprised at how much you will grow from the experience. Long story short, here is what to expect coming into UND sorority recruitment.

Day One: The Most Awkward Date of Your Life

The first day of recruitment is definitely the most nerve wrecking, not just for new recruits, but for the members of the sororities as well! No one knows what to expect, and it’s the first impression for everyone, so one bad move and you are screwed; good luck. Just kidding, honestly breath it is not that bad. On the first day you met with your Rho Gamma group, which is a member of one of the seven sororities, along with about 15 other girls. Your group receives a schedule displaying the times you will visit each sorority (you get breaks too don’t worry).

Each sorority receives about 40 minutes to win you over so you will want to come back the next day. During this time period you will talk with usually two members of the house so they can get to know you. Off the bat it feels like online dating because like stated, both sides are equally nervous! Even if you don’t feel like you fit in the house right away, which can happen like a first date, make it count! Every sorority is awesome and the girls are wonderful, so just have a pleasant conversation with the girl you are talking to and time will fly by. At the end of the day after you have visited every house you will go back to the Union and rank your top five houses that you want to go back to for a potential bid!

What to wear: Show your style, but kept it classy looking. Nice jeans or skirt with a nice shirt, flats, strappy sandals, riding boots, etc.


Day 2: The second date, awkward but manageable.

Day two is more lighthearted, you’re on a first name basis but you still don’t want to let loose of your weird side yet. Like day one, you will meet with your rho gamma and receive a schedule, however this time yours will be different from your groups, depending on what houses you chose. Also, there is a possibility that a house you chose didn’t call you back, which is fine it happens! Everything happens for a reason so just think of it being a sign that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

When you go to the houses this time it’s a little longer than the first day and more in depth with conversation. During the time period you get a tour of the house and some description of their philanthropies and events they put on. After you visit all the houses on your schedule once again you will visit the Union and you will vote, but this time for your top two houses.

What to wear: Nice sundress or skirt, flats/sandals/heels if you dare.


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Day 3: Jake or Jessie, who is the one?? (HM reference)

Day three is more intense than any duel between two guys. For some day three has an obvious end point, she knew from day one what house she belonged in, but for others, it is the most stressful decision they have ever made. If you got called back to both of the houses you chose on day 2, then you will attend both house’s “breakfast” for an hour. This is your final glimpse of the house and the girls that belong to it. After this you go to the union, and you make your pick.

Some girls suicide bid, meaning they only pick one house and if they do not receive the bid they are not offered a pledge position. Others will rank two houses, meaning they will be guaranteed a bid from one of them; most girls do this when they like both! At end of the day you will either receive a call if you did not receive a bid or you return back to the union. I won’t spoil the rest, you will just have to rush to find out.

What to wear: Fancy dress (not homecoming but close) and heels.


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