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What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University Of Florida

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University Of Florida

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Congrats! You were accepted into one of the best universities in the nation. Now it’s time for the fun. You want to be part of a sisterhood. In other words, a support system and professional network all wrapped up in one. Picturing the trips you’ll take, the adventures you’ll find yourself on, and the wonderful women you’ll meet, you cannot wait to find your home on good ol’ Sorority Row. In our experience, visiting all seventeen chapters is exhausting, hot, and can be a little stressful. Just remember: Everything happens for a reason. You’ll find where you are meant to be. Trust the process during sorority recruitment at the University of Florida!

We’ve compiled six aspects of sorority recruitment you should expect at the University of Florida:

1. You sweat. A lot.

If you say you’re from Florida to any stranger, the answer is undoubtedly something along the lines of “Oh, you must be used to the heat!” Let’s get one thing straight. There is no way someone can be “used” to the Florida heat. During the summer the only heat we can bare is if we are laying on a towel with the sound of waves crashing in front of us and coconut oil on our skin. If you’re going to the University of Florida and plan on rushing, we advise you to avoid long-sleeve dresses and colors that can show pit stains.


2. Innovation prospers

The University of Florida is home to some of the best and brightest students of the U.S of A. This campus is constantly thriving with the emergence of new clubs and organizations, all aimed at fostering the intelligence that moves America forward through innovation and social change. Sorority recruitment is no exception. Pi Chi’s, the group of girls who have voluntarily disassociated from their chapter to help rushees with their decisions, are always handing out coffee filters. They are better than tissues for dabbing sweat off your face and neck. AND they don’t take off your makeup. Who knew!




3. The grass will become your enemy

Florida is flat. We all know this. Although, tents during recruitment at the University of Florida are not on flat land. Most of these big white tents with potential sorority sisters are on grassy hills. We know from experience that heels and non-flat surfaces, especially if this surface feels like quicksand, is not the best combination. Expect to sink.

4. You’ll learn the importance of preparedness

Being prepared for stressful days in the hot Florida sun is crucial to make this ordinarily dreadful experience a walk on the beach. First off, large bag is a necessity. Just in case the coffee filters don’t do the trick, invest in a reliable battery powered fan to carry around. Trust us, it’s a lifesaver. Also, always keep a tin of mints instead of gum. You have to dispose of gum and most of time girls forget until they get in the house, a major faux pas. Sharing mints is also a great way to socialize. Just ask if your neighbor in line wants a mint, compliment her dress, and you instantly have a new friend. A portable phone charger is a must as well!


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5. Cardio workouts by walking

At the University of Florida, not all sorority houses are on what we call “Row”. One house is actually on Fraternity Row, across campus. But don’t worry, we use a bus for girls going to that house. Other than that, a couple houses are quite a walking distance. We advise a pair of flip flops to be on call at all times. Also, when timing out your visits to each house, make sure to leave an extra five or ten minutes to get to these off-row houses. You’ll thank yourself when you see other girls running up to the house with pit stains and bloody ankles at the last minute.

Joining a sorority at the University of Florida means being welcomed into a family. During recruitment, expect to hear a ton of complaining about the heat and the heels. But at the end of the week, you’ll run into the arms of over two hundred women ready to invite you into their sisterhood. The best advice a current sister can give is that the women on the other side of the conversation are nervous too. The best way to get through each house is to keep and open mind and relax. You’ll see just how great it is to be a Greek Gator.


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