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What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University of Arizona

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University of Arizona

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University of Arizona

So you’re thinking of rushing a sorority at U of A. You’re feeling every emotion possible from being super excited to extremely nervous. Just know that everyone around you is in the same boat. At the end of recruitment you will find your forever home and fall in love with the hundreds of sisters you will gain in the process. You have no idea what to expect when it comes to sorority recruitment at the University of Arizona and I didn’t either, but here are some things to expect that will maybe calm your nerves a little.

1. Set I

Set I is pretty casual and laid back. It takes two days. Half of the houses one day and the other half the next day. Your guide who is a member of a sorority will take you and your PNM group around from house to house and show you the ropes. The doors will open and you will be greeted by hundreds of your potential new sisters singing a song and dancing around. One by one they will take you inside and you will have a casual conversation with 3 or 4 girls. Just relax and be yourself. Each house is so excited to meet you!

2. Set II

Set II is also 2 days long. You are going to visit up to 9 chapters, depending on how many invite you back. DO NOT sweat it if you didn’t get invited back to all 9. Wear casual attire, but a little nicer than what you wore to set 1. These two days are all about philanthropy. You will learn what organizations each sorority works with and what kind of events are put on for the organization. Philanthropy is such a huge part of Greek Life so this is a particularly cool day and you learn a lot.


3. Set III

Set III is just one day. You will visit up to 6 chapters, again depending on how many you got invited back to. This day is a little more dressy but still somewhat casual so maybe wear a nice sundress and wedges. You will be paired up with a member of the sorority and they will give you a house tour. This will be the first time you will get to see the whole house and see the rooms in case you want to live in. You will get a taste of day to day life in that particular sorority house.

4. Set IV

Set IV is Preference Day. This a more formal, dressy day so wear a cocktail or semi-formal dress with nice flats or heels. You will visit up to 2 chapters on this day and this is your last day to sort of evaluate which house you want to be your forever home. Then, you will sit down with a member who has been rooting for you since day 1. You guys will be in a more private, intimate, serious setting and have one last time to talk.

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5. Bid Day!!!

You made it to bid day!!! This is such an amazing and magical day. All of the Potential New Members (PNMs) will be together as well as all the chapters waiting for you to come home. You will receive an envelope and everyone will open theirs at the same time. Enclosed will be the answer you’ve been waiting for… which sorority chose you?! Once you open it and find out your home for the rest of your life you will meet up with your chapter and all of your new sisters and they will take you somewhere to celebrate finding your new home! It is truly a magical day and one you will never forget.


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