What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At FSU

Some girls grow up their whole lives knowing they want to rush a sorority. For others, it’s an unknown territory. Either way, if you’re reading this article chances are you want to know about what really happens during sorority recruitment at FSU. Florida State carries a reputation for some of the most popular sororities and fraternities in the nation so it’s natural to be curious about recruitment. Before you cut your summer off early and drop a pretty penny for outfits, makeup, and manicures, you  understandably want to know what to expect. Bid day is amazing, but you have to make it through the week first.

Orientation (Sunday)

Orientation will be your first taste of recruitment before you meet all the houses during the week. You will find out what number group you’re in, meet your recruitment counselor (also called a rho gamma), and the other girls in your recruitment group. You’ll meet all the chapter presidents and learn more about what Panhellenic recruitment is really about.

Scholarship Round (Monday and Tuesday)

Between Monday and Tuesday, you’ll meet all seventeen Panhellenic chapters for the first time. The “parties” are 15 minutes long and your chance to tell the chapter more about yourself. Since these days are your first impressions of the chapters, it’s important to write down how you feel leaving each house. At the end of Tuesday, you’ll select thirteen of the seventeen houses that you wish to be called back to, and four alternates.

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Investment Round (Wednesday and Thursday)

Wednesday morning you’ll receive your own personalized schedule with each of the houses you have been called back to (maximum 13 houses). In these thirty minute parties you’ll discuss the financial commitments and obligations of each chapter. You’ll also receive information on the various things that the sorority’s dues cover such as meal plans, t shirts, and membership fees. Finances are extremely important when considering joining a sorority, so make sure you ask questions.

Service and Leadership Round (Friday)

On Friday, you will visit a maximum of 8 mutually selected houses. Each chapter will show a presentation that teaches more about their philanthropy. This round is your opportunity to discuss service and leadership opportunities with the women of the chapter. When you narrow down the list of chapters you wish to be called back to, it’s important to consider how connected you feel to their philanthropy. Philanthropy work is a huge part of sorority life, so make sure you the cause is something you can relate to and feel passionate about.

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Sisterhood Round (Saturday)

Saturday is easily the most stressful day of recruitment. You will be called back to a maximum of three houses, one of which you’ll likely run home to. These events are 50 minutes long and by far the most formal and intimate. It is each chapter’s chance to tell you exactly what they see in you and why you are special to them. You’ll take part in a unique preferential ceremony for each different house that gives a glimpse into their sisterhood. It is more important now than ever to consider how you feel during each ceremony and leaving the house; it is your last impression before you rank the houses you wish to receive a bid from.

Bid Day (Sunday)

It’s Bid day! On bid day you will attend the new student convocation before you receive your bid. After convocation, your recruitment counselor will hand you an envelope with a bid from one of the chapters from the sisterhood round. The suspense is intense, but make sure you don’t open it before you’re told! At the same time, every girl will open their card to see who they got a bid from. You’ll see laughter, joy, and tears. After, you’ll go to your allotted seating with your new sorority. Recruitment counselors will also finally reveal what chapters they are members of (which is a fun guessing game all week). When your chapter is dismissed, you’ll run home to all of your new sisters and celebrate for the rest of the day with food, music and dancing. It’s basically Christmas.

Recruitment is a stressful week. It’s going to be hot and you’ll definitely sweat your makeup off. There’s always the chance you won’t be called back to all of your favorite houses. But, trust the system and keep an open mind. The excitement and joy of running home makes the stress and emotions of the week all worth it.

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