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What Exactly Happens During Mizzou Recruitment

What Exactly Happens During Mizzou Recruitment

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At Mizzou

Mizzou recruitment is simultaneously the most exhilarating and terrifying experience you will put yourself through. The week is a whirlwind of quick conversations with a million women that you want to be best friends with by the end of the week. You will experience a lot of amazing moments during Mizzou recruitment, some tough ones and some that just make you shake your head and laugh.

You meet a lot of really intimidating women.

All of the women you talk to in the chapters are really intimidating in an awe inspiring way. They are involved in more organizations than you knew existed, they have amazing grades and they serve their community on a regular basis. It’s hard to imagine yourself being one of them eventually.

You get really stressed about a cup of water.

Every house you visit will offer you a cup of water. It’s nice and courteous, however you stress about when to take a drink, how to hold it and when to give it back when you’re done. You also secretly want to ask for more because it’s usually brutally hot outside but you don’t want to be THAT girl. Don’t feel bad if you dump it down your dress, the person recruiting you probably did the same. The women in the chapter are equally as stressed about this cup of water because they can’t let you leave the house with it and don’t want to be awkward about getting it back.



You learn how to alphabetize like a master.

Every time you line up outside a chapter house you have to do it alphabetically by last name. Getting in this order before doors fly open while Pi Chis are frantically taking attendance can be stressful. But hey, alphabetization is a life skill. If you have a super common last name you’ll even get good at figuring which five of you comes in which order within seconds.

You meet future friends.

That girl you’re standing in line next to may end up in the same chapter as you and may end up being your lifelong best friend. Many women meet their future roommates in their Pi Chi group. Even if you don’t end up sharing a sisterhood, you still find someone to sit next to in class or say hi to at Greek events. Lines can be awkward, but that small talk might bring you your partner in crime.


You become best friends with the sidewalk.

Your Pi Chi does a great job of leading you to your forever home, but she will also do a great job of making sure you do not wander into the street or off the sidewalk. Crossing the street without a crosswalk will get you shouted at and you’ll hear someone tell you to keep off the grass about a million times. The sidewalk is your best friend, but your Pi Chi is just making sure you’re super safe.

You pick up major interviewing skills.

Greek women do better in job interviews. Why wouldn’t they? After a week of questioning and talking about yourself and all your best attributes, you have to be a master. Sororities aren’t just about networking when it comes to planning for the future, they prepare you in general by giving you people, organizational and planning skills.


You learn to fight temptation.

Fraternity men love Panhellenic recruitment. On sundress day they will even put chairs on the roof and watch the potential members line up in front of houses. You aren’t allowed to speak to the men during Mizzou recruitment, but they will sure try to get you to. Puppies, water balloons and money are just a few of the rumored items that the men will use to try and tempt you onto their lawn. Just remember, sisterhood is more important that boys any day.

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You learn a lot about yourself.

Answering a million questions about yourself will show you what people value in you and help you think about what is really important in your life. Getting to talk about the people you love or what you’re passionate about to future sisters is a really good experience. During Mizzou recruitment, you also learn how you cope with stress, rejection and great celebration.


Your fashion skills kick up a notch.

Styling a t-shirt a bunch of different days? You’ll get there. You’ll also learn how to look good when you’re sweating through your clothes and makeup, how to rock the curls through the humidity and how to combat some new body odors. Mizzou recruitment is usually crazy hot. Sometimes it’s also crazy rainy. You’ll bond with other potential members over fashion tips and tricks.

You find your home away from home.

It’s true when people say it. Your sorority house will become your home and your sorority sisters like your real sisters. Wherever you end up, it will make a big campus feel a whole lot smaller. These are friends for life and the people who will get you through the next four years. They’ll celebrate the victories with you, drag you out of bed when life gets hard and they’ll always be down to get Andy’s or La Siesta. The week may be long and tiring but it’s so worth it when you run home on Bid Day.


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