What Exactly Happens At University of Florida Freshman Orientation

Going to University of Florida can be scary especially when you have no idea where you are going or what is going to happen. This is what exactly will happen at the University of Florida so you are prepared for every crazy turn in getting prepared for college.

1. Check-In

First you will be greeted by the energetic crowd that is the University of Florida. Check-in starts at about 8:00 in the morning yet your preview advisors will have energy as if they have had five coffees already. You will be greeted by the overwhelming screams of how great it is to be a Florida Gator but you might as well get used to that because it does not stop once you get to school in the fall. You will get a bag that has all of the things that you will need for the day and then you will head off to your first conference meeting. Make sure to where something comfy during this day because there will be a lot of walking and also it will be hot. The Florida heat does not stop for anything.

2. The Split-Up

Finally, you are free from your parents, for about three hours. You get split into groups that are on your name tag and you are given your preview advisor for the weekend. Your parents will stay in the ballroom and be lectured about all of the boring financial stuff while you get to go with about 15 other people to do some ice breaker exercises and began the most awful and dreaded part of preview, choosing your schedule for the semester. After that you choose two breakout sessions from a list based on your major and what you would like to accomplish here at the University of Florida.

3. The Tour and the End of the Day

Those breakout sessions can leave you confused and not knowing what your major is anymore but it’s okay because then you meet back up with your parents and you get to go on a tour of the school that will become your home. Don’t worry if you never toured the school previously because this tour is exactly the same (but I always loving doing the gator chomp in the Swamp at the end). Then you head back to the main conference room where you are treated to a nice talk about safety. Your preview advisors will perform skits for you to represent situations and how to protect yourself. Warning some of them can be very awkward when you are sitting with your parents.

4. Night Time Shenanigans

After the very fun talk about safety and sex, it is time for your parents to leave and for the “fun” to begin. The energy of the preview staffers comes back and they perform a dance for all of the students that is meant to get you excited about being at the University of Florida. Then they lead you to your rooms where you will be sleeping for the night. A great tip is to try to pick an orientation where you can meet your roommate. If you do not know your roommate, coordinate with them and room together at orientation, this way you can get an idea of who they really are. Then you go over your schedule one more time with your advisors to make sure everything is good. After that, there is a dance party in the basement where everyone can have fun and get to know people. Then it is bed time; or if you are like me and my roommate then it is time to chat all night.

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5. The Final Day

The last day is probably the scariest of all. This is when you are all shoved into this hall. You also find out if you can get into the classes that you actually need to take. You get your schedule for the fall and that is a crazy thought when starting college seems so far away. All you have to remember is that everything will be okay because you are starting new and you are going to one of the best public schools in the country.

Overall, orientation was such a fun experience. I was able to meet so many people there that I am still in contact with. Just remember to have fun and that you are just beginning such an amazing journey. See you in the Swamp!

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