What Exactly Happens At MSU Freshman Orientation

Somehow whenever you ask your older friends about their transition to college, they just skip to what happened in the fall. What about orientation? There’s quite a process to becoming a Spartan. If you’ve been to MSU’s AOP, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here is what happens at MSU freshman orientation.

1. You get to experience the dorms for the first time.

When the cute bedsheets and décor are taken away and the only things left in the room are a few ancient pieces of furniture, the dorms can look pretty intimidating. Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no air conditioning. If you didn’t bring a fan, you wish you had. You might’ve also wondered if Wilson Hall was once a prison. 

2. You room with someone totally random.

Many freshmen at MSU either room with a friend from home or someone they’ve met online. Rooming with someone you’ve never talked to before can be scary, but it’s a good chance to meet someone new. Let’s be real though: you’ll either become good friends with this person, or you’ll say 2 words to them and barely see them the entire time you’re at AOP.

3. You figure out why the Freshman Fifteen is a major issue.

Whenever you’re hungry at home, you just walk over to your pantry or fridge and grab something. Never before, however, have you had endless options. Walking into Case Hall for lunch is just short of walking into Food Heaven. This is when you learn the importance of making healthy choices.

4. You listen to a lot of people talk about things that might stress you out.

Each College has separate meetings with their students and explains to them the path they must take to graduate in four years. If you haven’t heard something about having fifteen credits per semester at this point, you probably fell asleep or were daydreaming about what there could be to eat for dinner at Case.

5. You create your freshman year schedule.

Being the “t-shaped students” that they are, Spartans are required to take university required classes. That’s right. You THOUGHT you were done being told what classes to take. Sadly, however, your counselor will pick some required courses for you and it’s your job to literally sweat it out and figure out how you’re going to fit your elective credits in.

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6. You get A TON OF PAPERS.

For being a green school, it seems like MSU really likes to cut down trees. After receiving about 3 packets upon your arrival at orientation, you’ve probably collected a slew of papers as the day has gone on. Let’s not even talk about all the other stuff you took off of the tables at the Resource Fair, ok? Ok.

7. You go on a date with State.

Similar to a normal date, going on a Date with State will make you fall in love (with the school of course). You can’t deny how beautiful it is, how much history it has, or how good its ice cream tastes.

8. You go to a “party.”

You’ve always heard that MSU was a bit of a party school but at orientation you get to experience first-hand. Jenga, karaoke, The Cha-Cha-Slide! What could be more fun that having a blast with the AOP Crew!? (maybe a real party?) 


9. You realize that the world isn’t as safe as you once thought.

After a sweaty night’s sleep, you find out that Day 2 is all about safety.  Now that you’re going to be living away from your parents and taking care of yourself, you have to be alert at all times.

10. You tour your neighborhood.

MSU definitely knows how to save the best part for last. Even though all of the residence halls aren’t open, you still get to see what your room will probably look like.IMG_3582

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