What Exactly Happens At Longwood University Orientation

It’s the end of August and you have received your acceptance letter to become a Longwood University Lancer! You’re wondering what comes next, and I’ve got the answers for you. Here’s what to expect at Longwood University Orientation.

1. Moving In

You arrive on campus with your whole life in the back of your parents’ car. You lug all of your belongings into your residence hall and into the elevator (hopefully you don’t get stuck taking the stairs when the elevators in Curry Hall decide to stop working). Then, you unpack, meet your roommate, and wave goodbye to your family as they disappear from sight. You’ve done it; you’ve officially moved into your first college dorm! But what comes next? Here’s exactly what happens at freshman Orientation at Longwood University.

What Exactly Happens At Longwood University Orientation

2. First Day of Orientation: Greetings

Orientation starts right after move-in. You have time to organize your room, chat with your roommate, and grab a bite to eat. Afterwards, students meet their peer mentors. Peer mentors are upperclassman who help freshman and other newly admitted students adjust to campus. They are the people to ask if you have any questions. Peer mentors are assigned to groups of students who have the same or similar majors.

After meeting peer mentors, students receive a warm welcome from the Lancer family. After that, students have their first hall meetings where they meet their RA’s (residence assistants). This first day on campus is the perfect time to meet people who will (possibly) be your friends for the rest of your college career.

3. Second Day of Orientation

The second day of orientation deals with some more informational sessions. Students meet with their peer mentors to go over what the day is going to look like. During this time, students will also get to meet some faculty other students apart of their majors or departments. At the end of this long day, there will be some fun activities and games for students to decompress.

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4. Third Day of Orientation

At this point, it’ll seem like orientation will never end. But don’t fret, the end is just over the horizon! Your third day of orientation will be filled with more information sessions, meeting with your peer mentor, and getting to know the Longwood Campus. This is when you’ll have to take your very first college tests, which assess your proficiency in a couple of subjects in order to place you in classes, like a language of your choice and math. This day, like the last, ends with some fun activities, including a (very tame and family-friendly) tailgate.

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5. Now You’re A Lancer!

Finally, after running around campus all weekend and having loads of information thrown at you, your last day of orientation will come and you’ll officially be a Lancer! During orientation, you’ll learn a lot about the school, including its history, what classes will be like, and what to expect from your college experience in general. But most importantly, you’ll start the process of finding your place in Longwood University.

What Exactly Happens At Longwood University Orientation

Got any more questions about Longwood University Orientation? Ask them down below!

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