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What Exactly Happens At Freshman Orientation At Temple University

What Exactly Happens At Freshman Orientation At Temple University

What Exactly Happens At Freshman Orientation At Temple University

Are you in the process of applying to Temple University, or have you already been accepted? Then welcome to the Temple Family! We’re sure you probably have a lot of things on your mind, such as the end of your senior year, shopping for your dorm room, and choosing a roommate! There’s also one more thing you should be thinking about – and that’s freshman orientation. So what exactly happens during freshman orientation at Temple University? Keep reading to find out!

Ice breakers!

After unpacking your belongings, one of the very first things you will do is meet with your Owl leader and the rest of your freshman orientation group. Your group will depend on your school within Temple. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to suffer through awkward ice breakers not just once, but THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE WEEKEND in an effort to “get to know each other.”


Sitting through A LOT of presentations.

Most of the presentations will be held at the Temple Performing Arts Center, where different people from Temple will take turns speaking to all the freshman. They will explain study abroad options, financial aid, class requirements, etc. Most of the presentations will drag on with boring power points, but they do contain important information.

Not all of the presentations are boring, though. Some will include Temple students themselves broadcasting the various organizations on campus that you can get involved in, such as Temple’s dancing or a Capella groups!



Your first taste of the dining hall foods.

Freshman orientation is where you’ll get your first taste of the dining hall foods, probably from J&H and Morgan Hall. We’re warning you now, they will be CROWDED because of all the freshmen on campus eating at the exact same time.




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Making your first college friends.

After all those ice breakers, you’ve probably formed a bond with your orientation group! Congrats on making your first friends at college! 

Picking your classes for your first semester.

One of the most exciting parts of orientation is finally choosing the classes you will take at Temple. You will most likely take a combination of required classes for your major, as well as general education courses. Don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can always change your schedule later!


Getting your Temple student I.D.

The last thing you will do at orientation is get your Temple student I.D! Smile, because you are officially a Temple Owl!

What are you most excited about as an incoming freshman at Temple University? Make sure to comment down below!
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