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What Every Girl Should Know About Feminism In 2018

What Every Girl Should Know About Feminism In 2018

Feminist songs can be heard all over the place nowadays, and with good reason. Here's a feminist playlist with fierce songs for girl power.

In the political and social climate we live in today, so many aspects of our culture are being evaluated and under intense scrutiny. One of these aspect is the feminist movement and what role it plays regarding the genders in modern times. Why is it that when Feminism is mentioned, there is always hesitation or immediate disapproval? Why do we always go to the women burning their bra (which is badass) or the man haters? Do we have blinders on, even as millennials, that have been placed by a community that is still afraid of genders having equality?

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

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Quick History

We could go all the way back to the 15th century, when the first stirring of our foremothers were starting to whispering behind their hands that maybe, you know, women shouldn’t be equivalent to cattle. But let’s jump ahead to this century when the suffragettes starting appearing in the United States. Women such as Susan B. Anthony started speaking out and won the right to vote in 1919; Let that sink for a minute. Women have only been able to vote in America for a 100 years.

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

Fast forward to the 1960’s when the more second wave movements started to speak out against social injustices towards women, such as legal right to birth control, equal pay, and the pay gap. Feminists marched in the streets, arranged protest sit ins, and generally brought awareness to the social issues hindering women.

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

The third movement was in the 1990’s, embraced by the Generation X’s that grew up in the height of the second movement. These were the nitty, gritty women’s studies majors that brought to light aspects like women’s orgasms, rape, and sexuality. The girl power was wafting out of the coffee houses.

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

Are We In The Fourth Wave?

With the political attack on women’s rights in America, you can’t help but notice the protests outside the White House, women’s marches, and the rise of the #Metoo movement and the nasty negativity it brings out in people opposing. Women are talking in public about sexual crimes committed against them; we are no longer staying in the dark with the wounds but calling out society and the wrongness of defending a criminal over a victim. Is this the wave of feminism that isn’t afraid to call out specific names and unyielding to the in the fight against female ‘placement’ and demands to be regarded as equal in all things?

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

Negative Association

So why do we shrink away from the word ‘feminism’? Although there may be radical ideology within the movement, it really boils down to women being treated as man’s equal; that women have the same right to happiness and freedom that men do and the ability to pursue.We are no longer the help, the sidekick, the arm candy. We drive the innovation, we have our own voice. 

Some Myths

It’s important to debunk some of the major cringe worthy myths that associate themselves with feminism. For example, that society is fine and that we have reached our ‘feminist’ goals. Our political climate shows a strong opposition towards women’s wellbeing, as well as numerous publicized sexual assault crimes coming into the light so we can all look at the ugly truth; it’s still out there and there isn’t a lot of consequence for those who commit it. We are far from our mountain top of equality.

Another popular myth this that feminists are braless crazies that intend to enslave men for their bidding. In other words, reverse gender roles and take over the world. Again, you may hear any radical ideology within any movement that is slapped across the whole idea; doesn’t mean it is true. The majority of feminists are fighting for equality rather than to overturn all males as we known them.

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

Modern Feminists

Tarana Burke

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The thought behind the #Metoo movement, Tarana Burke was reaching out to a young girl that was being sexually abused and decided to see the problem in numbers. By asking women who have been sexually assaulted to retweet #Meetoo, Tarana said “It’s a statement from survivor to survivor that says ‘I see you, I hear you, I understand you and I’m here for you or I get it.’

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

Jenny Slate

“Am I a feminist? F–k yeah, I’m a feminist,” Jenny said in an interview with MTV news. Although we know Jenny from her comedy and amazing voicing abilities, she’s also a woman that speaks her mind.

What every girl should know about Feminism in 2018

Lady gaga

Speaking out against sexual assaults and mistreatment of the LGBTQ community, Lady gaga is not only radical in her clothes but the cultural norms she is calling B.S on. She is open about her own sexual assault and isn’t afraid to give a voice for those who don’t have any. Lady Gaga is a tiny, mighty warrior.

Feminism is simply applying the idea that all humans have equal rights, no matter your gender. Feminism is about support and understanding that there is still a lot more to fight for before our society has reached true equality for all. Did I miss something that every girl should know about feminism? Let us know in the comments below.
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