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What Every Daughter Wants Her Mother To Know

What Every Daughter Wants Her Mother To Know

This is what every daughter wants her mother to know when it comes to their friendship, and relationship with one another. Moms - this is a must-read!

If you have a Mother that is incredible, then here’s what every daughter wants her Mother to know but doesn’t always say! Growing up, you can miss the opportunity of letting your Mom know how much she means to you, but in reality she is the one that shaped you into being the person you are today. Mom’s if you’re reading this, then this one’s for you!

1. You were right.

Whether it will be about a boy or a pair of shoes, mostly her expertise is spot on.

2. I miss you.

It could be her just taking a business trip, or you leaving for school in the fall, but you’ll def wish you were together.


3. I’m a mini you.

Even if you and your mom aren’t exactly twins, you get a lot of your personality and looks from her.

4. Thanks for always making my appointments.

It is not as easy as it seems, especially when insurance is involved.

5. You’re a cooler than I let on.

When your mom does something unexpectedly dope and you’re like…


6. Thanks for always having my back.

Having a protective momma bear has its advantages.

7. I am strong because of you.

Moms are high key the toughest humans ever. I mean, they dealt with us throughout our hormonal teenage years, which is tough enough.

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8. You’ve taught me life’s most valuable lessons.

Some things ya just can’t learn in school, that’s where mom comes in. 

9. I have your back too.

Girl code/mother daughter code!

10. I love you.

You may not say it all the time, but you know it’s true!


Do you agree that this is what every daughter wants her mother to know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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