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What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

Do you lay around at night thinking of what it would be like to be a movie star, or an olympic athlete, or a world famous chef? Because same.

There’s nothing more satisfying than dreaming of a really cool career, but sometimes you’re not sure whether or not that career would fit your personality. So for those who are a little on the fence, here’s what dream job you should have based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Athlete

Aries are tough, energetic, passionate, and viable. They’re also dedicated and are the most likely to be able to live up to the pressure of being an athlete.

What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

Taurus: Chef

Taurus has a nature of stability, and are best when they work in team. They also love to work with anything that includes decoration, and are level headed in any situation, which is why being a chef would work perfect.

Gemini: Journalist

Gemini love to work where their intellect gets satisfied. Gemini is also a sign of twins, which means you have to connect with people and hear what they have to say, similar to what journalists have to do when interviewing people.

What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

Cancer: Baker

Cancers are the mom friends of the zodiac signs, and there’s nothing more mom friend like than baking, right? Cancers put their heart and soul into everything they do, and love when those things make people happy, which is why baking seems like a right fit.

Leo: Actor

Leos love to be the centre of everyone’s attention, and are natural performers no matter how confident they are (which is usually very). Acting, in any platform or medium, requires a lot of confidence but also a lot of focus, and Leos would be perfect for focusing on something that would also further their passion for performing.

What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

Virgo: Writer

Virgos are analytical to a T and, although they sometimes don’t show it very often, are really imaginative when they want to be. Writing takes a lot of focus, self-analysis and discipline, and there’s no sign (other than Capricorns) that strive on discipline but Virgos.

Libra: Animator

Libras are creative, social, and imaginatively artistic, and stive in any field that focuses on designing. Libras would strive in being Animators because they have the creative energy as well as the unique humour that’s required to be an animator, especially for someone as big as Disney.

What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

Scorpio: Detective

Scorpios are fearless and get satisfaction in work that requires challenges, and are often drawn to mysteries. They’re also very strictly independent, which all points very strongly to being a perfect detective.

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Sagittarius: Photographer

Sagittarius are known for being creative and explorers, and love to see knew things and learn from new experiences. Photography, especially travel photography, would be perfect for Sagittariuses because staying in one spot was never their strong suit, and they have a keen eye.

What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

Capricorn: Orchestra musician

Capricorns are ambitious, dedicated, and displined, and are probably the most out of all of the signs to do great in any job. But, as far as dream jobs go, Capricorns would be perfectly suited to be an orchestra musician because they know how to focus and dedicate themselves, and would definitely rise up in the music world if they wanted it badly enough.

Aquarius: Entrepeneur

Aquariuses are known for being humanitarians and are rebellious by nature, which is why a career as loose as entrepeneur would be perfect for them. You can sell or create whatever you want and control the assets so you can donate to humanitarian services, and beat the man by being just as powerful as him.

What Dream Job You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac

Pisces: Visual artist

Pisces are always seen as the artsitic of the signs, which is pretty right considering that they’re also the dreamers and creative front of the signs. Visual art would be perfect for Pisces because it allows you to channel your creativity and (sometimes bad) moods.

What do you think of these jobs? Do you dream of having any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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