What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

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Our star signs say a lot about us, so it’s no surprise that these traits can lead us to our perfect canine companion. So read on to find out which dog breed best matches your zodiac sign!

1. Aries: Husky

Aries is energetic, full of life and ready to take on anything. Those with this zodiac sign are more likely to be independent and prepared to find the next adventure. Just like Aries, Huskies are adventurous, intelligent and independent, so it’s no surprise that the Siberian husky is this zodiac’s perfect match!

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

2. Taurus: German Shepard

It’s no secret that Taurus’ are known for being a bit bullheaded when it comes to their unwavering opinions. However, this zodiac is also known for being strong-willed and reliable which is why the German Shepard is the dog breed for them, strong, intelligent, and loyal to no end, this duo is unstoppable!

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

3. Gemini: Labradoodle

Known as being the twins of the zodiac, Geminis are easily adaptable, outgoing, intelligent, and sociable. So, of course, a mixed-breed Labradoodle is just up their alley. Similar to Geminis, Labradoodles are easily able to adapt to their environment, they’re loyal, friendly, and affectionate.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

4. Cancer: Pug

Emotionally in tune, and highly creative the Cancer zodiac is a loyal friend to spend comforting time with. Similar to Cancer’s, Pugs are highly emotional, affectionate, and fairly laid-back. These two are a great match and will surely enjoy snuggling up together.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

5. Leo: Golden Retriever

Leos are known for being driven and love to be admired. They are also strong, loyal and love being the life of the party… So it’s no surprise that the perfect match for this strong-willed zodiac is none other than a Golden Retriever! Just like Leo’s, Golden’s are known for getting along with everyone they meet, they’re highly active and loyal to no end. And just like a Golden, once you have a Leo in your life, it’s for keeps.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

6. Virgo: Australian Shepard

Virgos are strong, passionate, and have a great eye for detail so this zodiac will get along great with an Australian Shepard. Aussie’s are loyal companions, observant and hardworking. Though Virgos and Aussies tend to be a bit intense due to their perfectionist qualities, they both thrive on companionship, making them a perfect fit.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

7. Libra: Labrador Retriever

Libra’s are one of the most gentle, sweet, and loving of the zodiacs. Always willing to put other’s first and strive to bring happiness to those around them, is it any shocker that their perfect dog match would be a Labrador Retriever? Just like Libra’s, Labs are compatible with everyone they meet. They have kind eyes and a friendly demeanor, pair them with a Libra, and you’ll find nothing but love.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

8. Scorpio: Beagle

Everyone knows Scorpio’s are passionate about achieving their goals, known for being focused and determined, the perfect dog-breed for this zodiac is the Beagle. Don’t be fooled by this pup’s small stature, what they lack in size they make up for in personality. Similar to Scorpio’s, Beagle’s are determined and focused due to their hunting capabilities, so together this pair is unstoppable.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

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9. Sagittarius: Weimaraner

One of the most curious and energetic of the zodiac’s, Sagittarius’ love to explore and are highly enthusiastic in their day-to-day life. Similar to Sagittarius’, Weimaraner’s are friendly, fearless, and a bit restless making them the perfect companion for this Zodiac to take on adventures. These two will never get bored when they’re together.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

10. Capricorn: Border Collie

This star sign is known for being driven, ambitious, and disciplined in their day to day schedule. Capricorns are hardworking and thrive on order, making Border Collies their perfect match. Just like Caps, Border Collies are hardworking and are known for their intelligence and obedience. These two will work great together due to their natural drive to complete the task at hand.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

11. Aquarius: Dalmatian

Aquarius’ may be a more quiet sign, but they’re still known for being highly intelligent, independent, and social with those they feel comfortable around. Just like this air sign, Dalmatians are a more sensitive and intelligent breed. However, they are loyal to their family and friends, so if you’re an Aquarius, you may find that a Dalmatian is a right match for you!

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

12. Pisces: King Charles Spaniel

The most gentle of the zodiac’s, Pisces are best known for their loving and compassionate nature, making the King Charles Spaniel a great match for them. Just like this water sign, King Charles’ is gentle and affectionate. They are one of the best “comfort” dog breeds, so snuggling up with a Pisces is a perfect fit for them.

What Dog Breed Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

What do you think about the dog breed that matches your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments!

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