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What Does Your Shot Preference Say About You?

What Does Your Shot Preference Say About You?

These Christmas shots are delicious and perfect for anyone looking to have a wild and fun Christmas party! Here are our favorites!

Shots, shots, shots! There’s always one friend at the start, or end of every night out who calls, “whooooo wants SHOTS?!” The only answer allowed is ever yes. Even if you really want to say no…

No matter if you’re a lover or a hater of a little knock-back, everyone has their go-to shot. Here’s what yours says about you.

Simple Vodka

You’re a social butterfly. You keep your cards close to your chest, but you can be mixed with any crowd, and still be super liked. You’re the friend everyone goes to when they don’t know what to do – you always have the perfect advice. A night out for you means socialising, laughing, and some pretty interesting dance moves.

Classic Tequila

When people first meet you, they think you’re a bit full on. Your harsh reputation puts people on edge slightly, but as you open up to them, they get strangely attached. Once someone gets a taste of the real you, they can’t party without you.

Jager Bomb

You, sir/madame, are a riot. If people are coming out with you, they have to be committed to a heavy night, and be fully prepared to have a laugh. You don’t take shit from anyone, especially when it involves your mates. Go hard or go home.

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Bucky (Buckfast) Bomb

You’re mental and you’re probably Scottish, or you want to be. You’re an odd mix of super cool, and extra unpredictable. You can be chilled, but you’re always fidgeting. People come to you for a good night out, because once you’ve hit the dancefloor you’re there until the sun comes up.


You are versatile and fruity, and probably really pretty too. You’re mumsy on a night out, and keep asking people if they’re having a good time, when they clearly are! Your go-to is a cocktail, and you’re an amateur on the shots malarky, but you figure why not!

What did your shot preference say about you? Let us know in the comments!

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