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What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About Your Personality?

Ah, Halloween candy. The treasure that every kid seeks out, and every adult loves to binge. In that sense, everyone has a favorite candy. Here’s a fun idea: have you ever wondered what your favorite Halloween candy says about you? 

1. Sour Patch Kids

If you’re favorite Halloween candy is Sour Patch Kids, you’re most likely mischievous and a bit of a prankster. You can be really sarcastic when you want to be, and don’t take anyone’s negativity. You also have a strong personality because of this as well. 

Because of your playful, sarcastic nature, you can also be a bit of an extrovert. You like going to random places with no rhyme or reason other than to be in the moment with your friends. You’re kind of the clown of the group; you like making people laugh. 

What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About Your Personality?

2. Hershey’s Chocolate

You’re one of the people that just likes the simpler, quieter things in life. You like cuddling up to your window with a book, or just sipping a hot drink while hearing the rain outside. You’re also patient, kind, and a bit introverted.

As for friends, you like just sitting down and talking with your friends. None of you are really doing much, per say, but you’re all just sitting down somewhere inside or outside, chilling and chatting bout whatever comes to mind.

Maybe you talk about childhood memories, or just talk about what you guys did that day. Either way, it’s a chill, quiet time when you’re all hanging out together. 

What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About Your Personality?


3. Tootsie Pop 

Tootsie Pops are the perfect blend of candy. If this is your favorite Halloween candy, it’s possible that you reflect your favorite candy in more ways than one.

You may be the more serious person out of your group friends. This doesn’t mean that you’re cold; it means that you take things a bit more seriously than other people. You probably take school, work, your hobbies, or just life in general pretty seriously. You like to stay on top of everything, and there’s never a hair out of place without you knowing about it. 

However, you have a soft spot for the people in your life that you love. Whether it be your friends, your family, or the coworkers who’ve grown on you, you love all of them equally. Hard exterior, soft and mushy interior; truly the best combination for a person or a Halloween candy. 

4. Skittles 

If your favorite Halloween candy is Skittles, you’re a child at heart. You’re very unapologetically yourself in every way, whether it’s loving your own hobbies, or liking T.V. shows. 

You love having having fun and hanging out with your friends at every chance you get. You’re really fun to be with, and just love going out. You’re a mix of being an introvert, and an extrovert. You can change it up whenever the situation fits. 

Positivity is a big thing that your friends and other people around you know you for.

What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About Your Personality?

5. Starbursts

If your favorite candy is Starbursts, you’re probably an artsy type. You’re always looking for new ways to be creative in your day to day life. You’re a bit on the introverted side, and don’t really talk as much as other people.

As for your normal life, you really like hanging out with your friends and family, but you just kinda go along with what the group goes along with. Which is totally fine for you! You don’t like being the center of attention. 

This doesn’t stop you from shining through that introverted shell. You let your talent speak louder than your words. In other words, what words can’t express, your creativity can express for you. Your artwork may be full of colors and amazingly vibrant. Or if you have any other creative hobby, like fashion, baking, embroidery, or anything else, you let the colors, the flavors, or the detailed work speak for you. 

What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About Your Personality?


6. Reese’s

You’re sweet on the outside, and — whaddaya know! On the inside too! You’re a kind, sweet individual who thinks about other people’s needs before your own. You value friendship, and would do anything for your friends. 

This means that you also love your family to death! Your family is your rock, your good place in a world full of bad places, etc, etc. You’re probably also always there for your siblings, if you have any.

You’re understanding, and empathetic towards those around you, and that’s the best quality about you. Just remember to take time for yourself! 

7. Nerds 

You’re the extrovert of the group! You take being yourself as a life motto, and are always excited to hang out with your buddies. More often then not, you’re the one organizing all these outings just because you love your friends, and want to always hang out with them. 

You can be loud at times, but that just means that you’re way more fun and enthusiastic than other people. You’re also the one to pull the introverts from their caves and get them to join you in a day full of fun! 

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8. Almond Joy

You’re unique in your Halloween candy choice. Not many people like coconut and chocolate together. This isn’t a bad thing though; that just means you’re a bit quirkier than most. There’s no one else like you! 

You like so many different things in your life. You have such a vast array of hobbies and interests that it’s refreshing to anyone who gets to know you. 

9. Dots

If your favorite Halloween candy is Dots, you’re a tiny bit crazy. And by crazy, I mean you’re a bit wacky and eccentric, which in this case, is a great thing! You and the extroverted friend get up to crazy schemes together. 

Prank one of your other friends? Got it! Take a trip to Mexico on a whim? Check! Attach fireworks to a rocket and see what happens? Probably illegal, but you’ve already did it! You and your extroverted friend are a tag team, getting up to crazy stuff just for the fun of it. 

You’re a hella fun person, and everyone wants to be your friend! 

10. Candy Corn

If your favorite Halloween candy is candy corn, you’re one of a kind. You and the Almond Joy friend are locked in, and are pretty close. Or, you at least know someone else who likes something unconventional. 

There’s not that many people who like candy corn, and even think it’s gross, but you know what? You don’t care! Candy corn is good, and you’re not ashamed to say it!

You’re the kind of person who’s really into indie movies, or movies that no one else has really heard of. This goes into video games, or even shows. Stanley Parable? What’s that? Miracle in Cell 7? What’s it about? Whatever it may be, you’re into things that aren’t that well known. 

What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About Your Personality?


There you have it! Honestly, this list isn’t the end-all-be-all of personalities. You may see yourself in all of these candies, or you may even be asking yourself where you are here. Maybe you even had a little bit of fun reading this. 

Do you see yourself here? What’s your favorite Halloween candy or candies? Tell us down below! 

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