What Does The Hip-Hop Image Of Woman Present to The World

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The Hip-Hop world is a music culture that allows the black community to feel a sense of involvement, it gives the black community a chance to have music that they can relate to because they live and situations that are preached about has been experienced. The music industry has pushed an agenda concerning a black woman and the way that social media, public, and society perceives a woman to be.

Sexualizing Black Woman

The Hip Hop entertainment world has painted a black woman to be a sexual object. A black woman is being looked at as a trophy, a piece of meat because of the way that they are being talked about in the  music world, the lyrics that refer to them just as “booty” or “pussy.”

It is said and degrading as a black woman, to her peers and others refer to a woman as a necessity or obligation. Look at the way that the rappers of this generation now refer and constantly disrespect a woman, expressing to them that they are just good in bed.

The Hip- Hop industry has exploited black woman and as a result black woman are oversexualized and viewed in a negative ligiht by the media.

Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are the biggest culprits that could exist in this day and age. These different platforms not only continue to push the message, but it trickles down into the way that society treats a woman.

The Hip-Hop world continues to be the reason that the door to disrespect and treat a woman like objects is still open to this day. There is no voice that is telling them otherwise.

Record Label Deals

You can’t tell anything to the people that are investing their money into the artist and companies that decide what music gets released to the public. It is all apart of a system, the system entails providing music that will be relevant to the audience, it will make sells and then the cycle continues from there.

It certainly isn’t fair to the woman. It is not something that should push and distribute because it warps the way that society views a woman as a whole. If the music that we consume on a daily basis is normalizing the behavior that is being implemented then why stop right.

The Hip- Hop industry has exploited black woman and as a result black woman are oversexualized and viewed in a negative ligiht by the media.

Some Black Men Doesn’t Respect Their Own

Some but not all black men respect the black woman. Malcolm X said it best ” The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman.”

So if we are made aware of this to every possible instinct then why not make a difference in the way we move forward in treating them. Change can happen, but if the change is not seen as a necessity in society then it will not occur.

The Hip- Hop industry has exploited black woman and as a result black woman are oversexualized and viewed in a negative ligiht by the media.

Negative Perspective

The common negative stereotypical perception that Hip Hop has displayed woman to be is loud. They are considered to be loud, messy, ghetto and gold diggers. The negative perception that society has on woman dismantles the confidence if any that they have in themselves.

Hip-Hop has a job to do, which is to stop the bashing of the black woman in general. Stop normalizing disrespect like it is something to be proud of. There is never a moment in time where you can’t get someone to possible change to the content of their music in order to challenge the direction of the record label.

Change negative perspective into something greater than what it was before, once you achieve that everything else would be a bit more smoother.

The hip-hop world is creative and inspiring but it also has its flaws, major flaws. So pushing a positive agenda is something that is important and should be presented before the label. Comment down below what you think.

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