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What Do In The Fall At The University Of Denver

What Do In The Fall At The University Of Denver

The fall at the University of Denver is always an eventful time, whether because of the start of a busy quarter of classes or a plethora of events to do. However if you’re committed to a long hour job or internship and/or have a schedule full of difficult classes, it can be easy to forgot to relax and have fun. Fall at the University of Denver is often overshadowed by winter quarter’s Winter Carnival and the warmth of spring quarter, but the breezy season still has a lot to offer for DU students!

From special fall events to opportunities to join new organizations, there’s a lot for DU students to do the first quarter. The time is particularly perfect to get to know the school better, because there’s so many things you can do to learn more about DU. If you’re looking to make more friends or be more involved with the University of Denver, this really is the prime opportunity to do so. There are so many events that make the process of joining a club or getting to know people easier! Here’s what do in the fall at the University of Denver

1. Discoveries Involvement Fair

Discoveries Involvement Fair is the perfect way to find out about all the cool clubs and organizations here at DU! From the Cooking club to DU Service & Change, there are so many interesting clubs you can learn about here. From clubs involved in political advocacy to organizations that solely focus on board games, there truly is something for everyone.

You can chat with members of each club and ask questions so you can get a better idea of each club. Plus, if you liked chatting with the members of the club, there’s usually a sign up sheet so you can stay in touch. Even if you don’t find a club that fits you, the Discoveries Involvement fair is still a great way to meet people and see what the school has to offer.

what do in the fall at the University of Denver

2. Explore The Outdoors

Skiing season may not be upon us yet, but you can still very much enjoy what Colorado has to offer in terms of nature. Find a buddy and go for a short hike near the Denver area or even just hang out at one of the nearby parks. There is so much to do near Denver from backpacking, climbing, to even just appreciating the outdoor beauty.

what do in the fall at the University of Denver

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3. Participate In Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming is a popular event at DU, and for good reason. You can have your parents visit and show them the city and your school. It’s a great time to show them what you love about your school. Even if your family can’t make it, you can still have a lot of fun at the homecoming events. You can show your school pride during the DU parade or attend the hockey game. If you’re not too into sports, you can enjoy the food instead offered at most of the events.

what do in the fall at the University of Denver

4. Appreciate The Fall Colors

Fall is a perfect season to appreciate the beauty of Denver. You can watch the leaves change colors in a variety of places although you might be surprised to find that the best place to watch the leaves fall is right on campus. DU offers a truly beautiful look at fall, and it’s a great place to walk around and appreciate the season. So during the fall quarter, make time for a walk around campus or study outside so you can see the fall colors at DU.

what do in the fall at the University of Denver

Are there any other things to do in the fall at the University of Denver? Comment below and tell us!

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